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I’m Real…I Swear I Am…

This weekend there was a slight kerfuffle about a well known author’s identity. I love this author’s work and I’m not going to comment or link. The author doesn’t need my two cents.

But, just in case it’s not clear, I’d like to repeat that I’m real. I’m gay, too. I’ve said it before on the blog and I’ll say it again. I swear I am really me (smile). My name is Ryan Field, and I can prove it. Ryan is actually my middle name. But I’ve been going by Ryan all my life and that’s what all my friends call me. That’s what the lady in the Post Office calls me. I’ve met and had lunch with Elisa Rolle; she knows I’m real. The photo you see on the sidebar, and all other photos you see of me online, are really my honest to God image. And I’m not an alien (there was a rumor about this once). I know I write fast, but what can I do (bigger smile)? I learned a long time ago that if I was going to be able to face the vipers of m/m fiction head on, I’d be better off keeping it real all the time so there was nothing to hide.

But I’m not against using a pen name, not at all. Especially not with fiction…and that includes all fiction. And I’d like all authors who use pen names to know that I support them and all I care about is their work.