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I Stand With Trans Activists Who Are Boycotting Matt Bomer’s Film, Anything; LGBT Conversion Therapy Being Phased Out In US; Reality TV Star On Conversion Therapy

I Stand With Trans Activists Who Are Boycotting Matt Bomer’s Film, Anything

In this particular case, I have to support all trans people who are boycotting this new Matt Bomer movie titled, Anything. Even though I’m not a trans person, I don’t like what’s happening here either. But more than that, I’m sick and tired of seeing these things happen all the time.

However, many trans people and allies are urging a boycott of the film, as it’s yet again featuring a cis male actor as a trans woman. This was the case in films such as Dallas Buyers Club (starring Jared Leto) and The Danish Girl (starring Eddie Redmayne), among others.

I know many of you are thinking, big deal. Bomer is an actor. He’s only acting. But it’s much more than that. This is also about respect. As this article states, you don’t see any white actors putting on blackface anymore. So why should there be a double standard for trans people. 

Here’ a lot more. You can read about how trans people truly feel about this. It also happens to gay men and women all the time in movies and even in book publishing. I’m sick of that, too. 

I stand with trans people on this one, plain and simple. 

LGBT Conversion Therapy Being Phased Out In US

It’s almost hard to believe that any form of LGBT conversion therapy is still happening in some places, but it’s slowly being worked out of the US.

The Hawaii State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, 10 April banning any attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTI youth. On Thursday, 12 April, Maine narrowly managed to pass a similar bill.

Here’s more. According to this, the US is ahead of countries like Canada and the UK with regard to conversion therapy.

Reality TV Star On Conversion Therapy

Here’s something right from the source, a guy who experienced conversion therapy first hand.

At first glance, Jonathan Fernandez may appear like any other handsome reality star, but take a closer look into his past, and you’ll learn he is anything but. That’s because at the age of 10, the Love & Hip-Hop New York star’s mother sent him to the Dominican Republic to undergo the controversial, yet legal, conversion therapy.

You can read that here. It’s a highly compelling article.

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