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I Guess I’m a Typical Fag: Bonus Homophobia

I Guess I’m a Typical Fag: Bonus Homophobia

Update: I don’t usually see things like this happen, but I figured I would update this post for that reason. Since all this went down, I’ve spoken to the author and we’ve worked things out. He e-mailed me, we both talked about it, and we both realized we said a few things we didn’t mean. Sometimes in life there really is HEA. 

I’ve posted about how I often feel the discrimination and homophobia in many ways. But I’ve never actually given an example, first hand, and I’d like to do that now to show how it still is happening, and this time it came from another author.

On Monday I received a spam e-mail from one of those aggressive self-published authors who has a book out who actually uses offensive ableist language in his own bio on Amazon. Here’s a quote: who drove him into becoming the crazy person he is today. But it wasn’t his ableist language that bothered me. A lot of people don’t know what ableist language is and I understand that. It was the spam e-mail he sent. Here’s the exact e-mail exchange, including his gay-hate slur, verbatim.

Me:  Please stop spamming me and take me off this list. This is NOT going to help sell your book 🙂  Thank you. 

Him:  You are so removed, fool!!!

Me: Drop dead. 


And there you are. I’m saving this e-mail exchange, like I do everything else. My first reply was polite, considering I thought I was helping him out by showing him that spamming people doesn’t work. I really did add the little smiley face to show I wasn’t trying to be snarky. My second reply wasn’t as nice. I’ll admit that, but I’m not fond of being called a fool either. But his homophobic hate reply wasn’t necessary and I wanted to show how I actually do face this kind of thing daily. I think most gay people do, even those of us who write about homophobia and try to point it out all the time. There were a million things he could have called me, but he chose the word “fag” based on my e-signature that states I’m an LGBT author. 

The author’s books are on Amazon, and he’s clearly not writing LGBT content or anything related to mm romance. But I’m not adding names or links because frankly I don’t feel safe with people like this. If they will say homophobic things like that I don’t like to think about what they are capable of actually doing. The hate goes much deeper than most people realize. And, I’d rather not promote the loser and help give him hits on his Amazon page.