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Male Full Frontal Nudity Brandon Meyers; Orlando Before and After the Massacre; The Creepy Megyn Kelly Memoir

Male Full Frontal Nudity Brandon Meyers

This is the kind of male full frontal that’s not particularly artistic. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just like to make that distinction sometimes. They actually are pretty good photos if you’re not looking for anything with a deeper meaning.

One thing we’ve learned about former Ex on the Beach contestant Brandon Myers: He has no difficulty posing for the camera.

If anything, he has a great deal of difficulty not sharing himself.

You can check his photos out here. He’s a nice looking man. The link I’m posting is SFW, however, they post another link to the full frontal pics that are NSFW.

I’m not totally sure about one of the comments below the article. Someone wrote “Eww,” and I can’t imagine any gay man reacting that way to these photos. My first thought was “wow.” Of course there’s a fake name with the comment…”Black Pegasus.” That leaves me wondering about the troll.

Photos of Orlando Before and After the Massacre

This is one of those times when I’m without words, because these photos really do capture all the emotion.

Today is Orlando Pride. To mark the special occasion, Queerty asked Orlando lesbian transgender photographer Melody Maia Monet to share a sampling of her amazing photos of the local LGBTQ community along with captions, taken before and after the Pulse Nightclub massacre of June 12, 2016, in which 49 souls were lost.

You can see the photos here.

The Creepy Megyn Kelly Memoir

I have never liked books like this.  And I don’t trust the people who write them.

The article mentions five creepy points made in Kelly’s latest memoir. Here’s one of them…

2. She thinks someone may have tried to poison her ahead of the first debate.

Kelly became suspicious of a driver who took her to the debate venue and kept insisting upon getting her coffee, which she eventually drank. She claims that immediately afterwards, she felt quite ill, vomiting so much it wasn’t clear if she’d ever make it onto the air. She doesn’t outright accuse anyone of foul play, but claims the incident frightened her enough to contact a lawyer.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, and being that I didn’t read the book…and I have no plans to read the book…I won’t comment in detail. However, that’s about as speculative as it gets.  And, this is rich. Kelly tweeted after the book was released that she now believes she had a stomach virus. You can see the screen shot of the tweet at the link below. And she gets away with it.

I’m not particularly a Newt Gingrich fan, however, the night he went after Kelly on her TV show is
well worth watching. I saw it on Twitter.  Here’s a link to that little gem. Even if you don’t like Gingrich, you’ll find it amusing. It’s always entertaining when the tools turn on each other.

You can check the rest out here. The comments are mixed, as you would expect.