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There’s A Hurricane A’Comin…And Bury It, Officer

Like almost everyone else on the east coast, I’m gearing up for Hurricane Irene. I live between New York and Philadelphia, in New Hope, PA, and I have an interesting property that’s surrounded by humongous trees. It’s the reason I bought the place nine years ago. The architect who built the house was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright and the original owners wanted a post modern house that brought the outside inside. The house and guest house were literally built around the trees. There’s nothing cookie cutter about it, and I love each and everyone of my trees. However, when the wind blows, it gets interesting around here.

The one photo above is a winter view of just some of the trees I have and they are all looming over and around the house. The other is a tree that went down last April at six in the morning. So if blogging is scarce next week, it’s because I’m outside with my chain saw clearing away another tree or two. I’m not new to this. In the past nine years I’ve gone through five chain saws, sometimes wondering why I ever sold my nice easy town house.

I also wanted to post about my new release, Bury It Officer, which I’ll post more about next week when there’s time. It’s available here, and at most large retail web sites where e-books are sold.