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Rugby Player’s Penis Almost Severed; Hulk Hogan Penis Story; Alleged Penis Pictures and LPN In Brisbane

Rugby Player’s Penis Almost Severed

This is scary…what happened to this poor dude’s penis:

Haydn Peacock suffered the partial dismemberment while playing for French team AS Carcassonne last month.
Luckily, he’s now fine and able to joke about it.
Unsurprisingly, his description of the the incident is fairly graphic so we’ve replaced some of the ruder words with fruit and veg.
“When we played the other week their centre pretty much ripped my [cucumber] off”, he told journalist and former player Guy Williams, who runs the website French Footy.

There’s more here.

Hulk Hogan Penis Story

Here’s more to the story about the ex-Gawker editor, Hulk Hogan’s penis, and the 100 Million dollar lawsuit. It’s basically about what is and is not newsworthy, and why the ex-editor showed Hogan’s erection.

He had claimed in his deposition that it was to add “color” to his online commentary on the tape, then said under direct examination it was because he considered the footage newsworthy.
But under cross-exam, he changed his tune again, reverting to his original claim that it was “to add some color to my commentary.”
“Mr. Bollea’s penis had no news value, did it?” Vogt asked Daulerio, referring to Hogan by his real name, Terry Bollea.
“Uh, no,’’ Daulerio admitted.
He then added snarkily, “I included images of his penis because that is sometimes what happens when two people have sex. There are nude body parts involved.’’

The rest is here.

There’s a reference to the size of Hogan’s penis, and I never knew Hulk Hogan’s real name was Terry Bollea.

Alleged Penis Pictures and LPN In Brisbane

Here’s a story about why it’s probably smart to think twice before exchanging penis photos with a student.

AN LNP council candidate was forced to resign last night as it emerged he exchanged explicit images with a teenager just two months after they knew each other as minister and student at a Brisbane Catholic school.
The Courier-Mail can reveal that penis pictures sent by Team Quirk’s Tennyson candidate Ashley Higgins sparked a bitter dispute between the historic school and the family of the former student.
The teenager’s distressed father confronted the school over the exchange in mid-2011, after the boy graduated from the school in 2010.

 You can read the rest of this here. 

According to this link, it’s an interesting story because the LPN hopeful was only 21 years old at the time. My grandmother was 16 years old when she married my grandfather who was 21 years old. They remained happily married until my grandfather’s death…decades.

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