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Levi Johnston and THOSE So-Called Reliable "Sources"

I follow a great deal that happens in pop culture, not politics. It’s always been something that fascinates me, where politics turns my stomach. I’ve posted before about Levi Johnston, after reading his book: “Deer in the Headlights.”

So when I spotted this new article on Huff Post about Levi Johnston, I figured I’d share. And this time I’m commenting.

Of course the reliability of articles like this are questionable at best. Whenever I read “A source told the magazine,” or, “the source said,” without actually finding out who the said source is, I’m less inclined to take the article seriously. It happens more and more these days. Evidently, someone found out Levi Johnston attracts readers and attention and they ran with it.

Aside from the obvious, there’s always a great deal left out of these articles people don’t take into consideration. Just because someone makes a million dollars doesn’t mean they actually get a million dollars. To assume that would be ridiculous. After taxes, and those inevitable attorney fees, not to mention agent and manager fees, that million dwindles down fast.

Besides all this, it’s really no one’s business what Levi Johnston is worth. He seems to be living a decent life, he seems happy with his new life, and his private affairs are his own business now. All I know is he wrote a damn good book that didn’t get half the attention it should have.