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What "We" Want to See on "Looking" Season 2

What “We” Want to See on Looking Season 2

I thought this deserved an individual post, with commentary, because I’ve posted so much about Looking and how much I enjoy watching it. And, because tonight is the finale of the first season. In this article to which I’m linking titled, What “We” Want to See In Looking Season 2,” the author discusses, I guess, what should be covered in future storylines, and also makes the misguided assumption it’s what we all want to see.

And I’d like to disabuse him of a few misconceptions…to show that “we” all don’t agree on everything.

The article is set up with GIFs, with captions that I’m assuming was meant to be clever. And it would have been if the article had said “I” instead of “We.”

1. More San Francisco

Frankly, I think they do a great job of showing San Francisco on Looking in season 1. What more does he want?

2. More Digital Dating Woes (Preach)

Nope. Sorry. “We” don’t want a Sex in the City thing happening here with Looking. Tired. The digital dating deal is already handled well on Looking and to elaborate on this would take it over the top and make the main characters look either too needy or too pitiful.

3. Less Augustin ( By far the most annoying. His character is the definition of a fixer-upper.)

Nope again. “We” like him. He provides the perfect balance because he’s so “out there” and he’s like so many people we know, both gay and straight. “We” also like that he breaks a few stereotypes, and at the same time has a few fundamental flaws.

4. More Scott Bakula (If only all of us could age this well.)

I have always been a Scott Bakula fan. I love him now as much as 30 years ago. However, in this case, he’s the only character I don’t think is portrayed as well as he could be. As the aging gay man in the show, he often comes across as being too good and too decent to me. I have known many older gay men in my lifetime, personally. And I have never once seen one give money to a virtual stranger to open a business without at least some kind of hidden agenda. And this goes for straight men, too. It just doesn’t work. I get what they are doing with the Scott Bakula character, however, I don’t think it rings true in a literal sense.

And, why should age and looks be mentioned here? I don’t see the point.

5. More Doris ( Because she’s the best.)

Actually, I’d like to see more Mary instead of more Doris. Mary is one of my best friends and she’s nothing at all like Doris. For me, Doris is expendable and I’d like to see a woman become best friends with a gay man on TV who isn’t so stereotypical.

6. More Life Advice (Simple words of wisdom we could all use more of.)

I think Looking has already covered that very well. I don’t know what more this dude wants. A Hallmark movie?

7. More of Dom’s Musatche (It. Is. Epic)

I want less use of the word epic. It’s tired, like so many other trendy words… Srsly.

8. More Kissing (The onscreen chemistry is electric)

Once again, I think Looking handles this well and they’ve balanced sex/love scenes with everything else so that these scenes move the storyline forward, which is what those scenes are supposed to do.

9. More Great Music

I’ll give him that one. At least we agree on one thing.

10. More Fitness Classes (Dom loves him some Zumba.)

Ugh! I want to see a gay man who runs every single morning like I do, in all kinds of weather.

And speaking of the Dom character, I like him, but if I had to say one character annoys me the most it would be Dom. Just that scene where he says he wants to set up the tables in his new restaurant with community seating, where everyone sits together at one long table, bothered me. I’ve left restaurants for that. I’m not joking. I don’t want to sit with a bunch of strangers while I’m dining out. I want to sit with Tony and enjoy private conversation. It was a big fail for me. But I don’t think it hurt the storyline. There should be a few characters that annoy us.

11. A Return to the Folsom Street Fair (Another reason for Jonathan Groff to break out this leather vest!)

And yet again, I can definitely live without THAT one.

12. More of This Friendship (It’s nice to see friends who are always there for one another like Patrick, Dom and Augustin are.)

The friendships they have are already excellent. So I’m stumped this time, too. What more does this guy want? For them to go shoe shopping like the women in Sex in the City?

You can view the entire article in full here.

If I sound a little snarky, it’s meant with good intentions. I respect his opinions and I love that he posted about a TV show I enjoy so much. And the fact that I don’t agree with him on anything he wrote just shows how different we all are as gay men and you can’t place us all in the same little box.

And, if you read the comment thread you’ll see how differently we all think about this. I’m not the only one.