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Pirates, Demonoid, Astatalk, and the .99 e-book…

This isn’t a post about e-book pirating in the traditional sense. I’m not going to complain or grouse about it. About a year ago I posted something about pirating and I received a lot of comments and e-mails about why people pirate. In many ways, I was enlightened and I’ve been thanking the people who commented ever since.

I still don’t pirate anything myself. And I won’t because it’s against the law. Even though I do agree on some points, like the fact that the expensive agency model e-books are way overpriced. I even agree that many e-book cover descriptions aren’t very good. And don’t get me started on product descriptions about e-books on large retail web sites. I bought one myself last month that was supposed to be an erotic romance and the only thing about it that was erotic was the word erotic in the book description. So I understand how readers can get frustrated. Sometimes it’s dismal. And I can only hope I’m putting out information about my own books that let readers know what they are buying. I’m even open to questions in e-mails if you’re not sure about one of my books. I do it all the time.

But I am curious about how e-book pirates feel about all the .99 e-books that are being released nowadays. If you’re an author and you have e-books out it’s become such a huge trend to have a .99 e-book it’s almost embarrassing if you don’t have at least one.

So, from an objective POV, how is the .99 e-book thing working out for you? Are e-book pirates more motivated to spend .99 on a full length novel than they are to pirate it for free? There’s not much you can get for .99 anymore in the US. You can’t even get a scratch off lottery ticket for less than one dollar anywhere. I know I’ve been reading .99 e-books and it’s cut my reading budget more than I expected it would. And most of those .99 e-books I’ve read are very good.

Any and all thoughts are welcome. Feel free to post anonymously now or next year. If you still think .99 is too much to spend for an e-book, post your thoughts. I really am curious from an objective stand point.