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Why Make E-Readers More Complicated Than They Are?

Here’s the first thing about e-readers: they are simple to use. I’m a computer idiot and if I can use one so can anybody.

Here’s the second thing: pay attention to half of what you read on the internet about e-readers and all that DRM (or whatever the hell it is) crap. It’s only going to confuse you and intimidate you.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I just read another post on a review blog about what readers think of various e-reading devices and I was amazed at how complicated the answers were. Too. Much. Information. It reminds me of this guy I know who always makes everything more difficult than it has to be. Ask him to fix a flat and he’ll tell you how spare tires are made.

I don’t need to know how spare tires are made. I just need to know you put them on cars and the cars roll. And when I’m reading e-books I don’t give a damn about DRM or freaking formatting or any of the other technical nonsense these people are always harping about.

This is what I do when I want to read an e-book. I own a Kobo. I go to, I pick out a freaking book I like, and then I buy it. When it’s downloaded to my Kobo, I sit back and read it. Click, click, click, and click. Period.

This is all there is to it.

So don’t let these people who love to complicate e-reading devastate you with all kinds of jargon you don’t understand and don’t want to understand. I don’t have to know how a car works to drive one, I don’t have to know how toothpaste is made to brush my teeth, and I don’t have to know every technical detail about e-readers to read an e-book.