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Another Facebook No No…

Last Saturday I opened my AOL e-mail and found 755 private messages from one author whom I do not know at all. I did some checking and found the author had made a mistake (not sure how yet) and everyone on her friend list wound up getting a personal message. And then everyone also received an e-mail whenever someone else commented on the message, which exploded into the facebook nightmare of her life.

I promptly dropped this author from facebook and deleted all 755 e-mails notifying me about comments. I didn’t drop her because I was mad at her. I know she didn’t do this on purpose, but I wasn’t taking any more chances with her.

I have a personal rule. I don’t send out private messages on facebook with multiple e-mail addresses. I don’t think readers, authors, or facebook friends appreciate getting e-mails that are not related to them. Nor do they care about what other people have to say in the comments of my personal messages with multiple addresses. Life’s too short.

And I don’t appreciate receiving personal facebook messages addressed to multiple friends either. It’s nothing personal. It has nothing to do with the author or the author’s work. But a personal message isn’t going to make me buy your book and it’s certainly not going to make me want to help promote you as an author. It’s annoying at best, downright frustrating at the least. And not only will I get annoyed, I’ll back off completely and steer clear of the author.

So authors please take heed. If you think this sort of this is going to help you promote your book, you’re seriously wrong. If an overpaid PR goof ever suggests this to you, kick them in the ass. Because the people you are trying to attract with these personal messages promoting your book are just going to start ignoring you.

Aggressive and friendly is one thing. I love friendly, aggressive people. But pushy, presumptuous, and rude-without-a-clue is another story. Don’t piss people off. They won’t forget it.