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How to Gay Bottom Well; Big, Bad and On Top by Ryan Field

How to Gay Bottom Well

I figured since I’m posting on this topic a lot lately I’d add this link for anyone interested. It’s a piece about how to bottom like a pro. I know when I was younger I didn’t have a clue and dads don’t usually take their sons aside and give them the facts of life about gay sex. I’m sure that’s going to change in the future. But I would imagine most gay men learned about sex the same way I did. Hit or miss.

I know this first link is really more like an advertorial for a book, but I’m breaking my rule about advertorials this once because I didn’t see anything on this web site that I didn’t agree with. It also gets into things like poppers, which are a big part of gay culture but rarely ever talked about.

Here’s a link to this one.

Now here’s a link that gets into more detail (and it’s less complicated) and you don’t have to buy a book. You don’t want to be a sloppy bottom. There’s nothing worse. This one example alone is something I’ve mentioned in my books because I think it’s important and it’s something that’s usually laughed at or ignored completely. For those who don’t think this is serious, think again. There are gay men out there wondering right now what it’s all about. I was watching a talk show with those two gay guys from Canada, Steve and Chris, earlier this evening and they talked about love, romance, and all kinds of crap with some therapist, but never once mentioned a thing about sex. And I’d bet money that at least one of them is a bottom.

Preparation is the most important step for a bottom. You take time to do your hair and pick your outfit, so you should also take time to prepare your sphincter. Many bottoms debate over douching, but some kind of cleaning is definitely appreciated. Prior to meeting up with your top, either douche, use an enema (neither of these should be done daily) or simply sit in a soap free bathtub and clean the area. Do not ever use soap to clean yourself with as this can cause massive irritation.

I’d just like to add three things: eat less if you know you’re bottoming, and don’t forget those condoms and lube. Never trust a guy who says he’ll pull out in time. Most men aren’t that gifted. But they’ll all tell you they’ll pull out in time. Don’t trust them. And you don’t want to do it without lube unless you’re very experienced. Just trust me on that one.

And, here’s a great video on the topic.

Big Bad and On Top by Ryan Field

This is my gay Top Gun book. There is plenty of talk about bottoming in this book.

Duke’s driven by his ambition to be the best fighter pilot in the Navy, not the fact that he’s a closeted gay man. But he’s garnered a reputation for being overly aggressive and far too impulsive. He likes to think the chances he takes are heroic and wise, but there are many in the Navy who think he’s reckless and irresponsible.

And when the Navy sends Duke to the most rigorous flight class in the world, he becomes even more aggressive in order to be the big, bad “top gun” everyone expects him to be. But while he’s working hard to be number one, he meets an attractive young civilian flight instructor named Jaime who turns his entire life upside down. Though it starts out as a harmless flirtation, their connection becomes so intense Duke begins to wonder whether or not he can continue to abide by the rules of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

After a serious accident that leaves Duke so devastated he can barely fly a plane, Duke begins to question his goals, his ferocious need to be number one, and his unyielding devotion to a military that refuses to treat him with dignity and equality. He realizes the only good thing that has ever happened to him was falling in love with Jaime, and he discovers he has two choices. Both have the potential to change his and Jaime’s lives forever, and both come with serious consequences. But he can only choose one. And even while Duke is wrestling with the biggest decision of his life, his passion for Jaime burns hotter than ever.

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