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How "Crazies" Comment On News; Ableist Language; Son Finds His Own Dad On Daddyhunt; Does Gay Penis Size Matter?

How “Crazies” Comment On News

This is an interesting introduction sort of piece that talks about a new design over at Queerty, and also gets into those mean, evil gay people who comment on the Internet. Then the article lists 9 different types of what they consider something along the lines of this: “One-Track-Mind Crazies.” Just to be clear, I’m being sarcastic.

This includes the homophobic nuts who apparently receive alerts when certain topics appear on our site, just so they can come here and call us names before scurrying away like cockroaches. If you’ve come to this post to write a comment about something that someone told you appears in the Bible, this is you. Go away.

Notice the ableist language when referring to people with mental illness as “Crazies,” and “nuts.”

You can read them all here. All 9 of them, where there’s even more ableist language.

Here’s more about ableist language.

Ableist language is any word or phrase that devalues people who have physical or mental disabilities. Its appearance often stems not from any intentional desire to offend, but from our innate sense of what it means to be normal. Our individual worldviews start with ourselves; that is, our definition of normal is that which I am.

Of course I could be wrong. This is only a suggestion. If publications like Queerty paid more attention to objectivity they might attract different comments.

Son Finds His Own Dad On Daddyhunt

This all came about because this guy claims that Apple’s hide app feature didn’t function properly.

A single father going through a divorce has had to learn this the hard way, after being inadvertently outed to his son after he discovered Scruff and DaddyHunt in his father’s app download history.

Taking to discussion website Reddit, the user named Thrwwyniner (T) revealed all about his ordeal in a now-deleted message. ‘This was not the way I wanted my kids to learn about his dad’s newfound sexuality,’ he said. ‘I feel like I’m going to puke.’

You can read the rest here. The original comment has been deleted, but the discussion is still up.

Does Gay Penis Size Matter?

Speaking of Reddit questions, this one is interesting.

Gay men in relationships, how does the difference in penis size affect your relationship?

It starts out by assuming there are so many gays out there who are insecure about their penis sizes, then mentions how straight guys feel insecure about their penis sizes.

Someone, of course, made a joke.

But most of the answers are honest and interesting and they don’t take the question lightly. One person commented that if you’re in a long term relationship, eventually none of this will even matter. But I don’t think this one is SFW.

You can check that out here.

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