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Bette Midler and Caitlyn Jenner Tweet; An Interesting Men’s Locker Room Picture; Ryan Lochte Shaving His Legs

Bette Midler and the Caitlyn Jenner Tweet

If this had been anyone other than Bette Midler the gay presses would have exploded with posts about transphobia. And please don’t tell me that’s not so. I’ve been around too long as an openly gay man and I’ve seen enough.

Bette Midler and the Kardashians have had Twitter beef for awhile now, but a new jab has some calling her out for transphobia.

Midler asked on Saturday whether Caitlyn Jenner will go back to being Bruce now that her show, “I Am Cait,” has been cancelled, and remarry Kris in a since deleted tweet.

You can read the tweet here at this link. 

The comments are mixed and so many are willing to give Midler a free pass on this one, which I think proves that so many people still don’t understand anything about the transgender community. 

Midler did apologize. 

An Interesting Men’s Locker Room Picture

During a group photo with other hot men in underwear, in a real locker room, something interesting happened…

That’s the message placed atop The Mirror‘s (probably quite popular) story about Middlesbrough’s Adam Clayton, who quite literally let it all hang out during a celebratory photo session following a 2-1 win at Sunderland.

The photo I’m linking to is censored, and it was only one testicle he let hang out.

You can check this out here.

Oh, and there is a link where you can check out the uncensored photo.

Ryan Lochte Shaving His Legs

There are a lot of older news/links surfacing about Ryan Lochte since his most recent controversy.

In the latest episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, this stunt queen let the cameras inside his bathroom to film the most homoerotic thing we’ve seen all week: a muscular straight man shaving his legs with gold-plated razors.

I think this news (if you can call it news) dates back three years. You can check it out here.

Frankly, I never got the whole homoerotic thing about men shaving their bodies. I like a man with hair in all the right places.

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