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Bi-curious vs. Bisexual; TV Host Uses the "T" Word; Body Image Issues and Homoerotic Art Photos

Bi-curious vs. Bisexual 

I think this topic fascinates (and confuses) me as much as it does so many other people.

There’s been a lot of talk about bisexuality, bicuriousity and hereoflexibility this week. First, a wife wrote to advice columnist Coleen Nolan about her husband who she claims got drunk and hooked up with not one but two separate guys on a boys’ trip.

The article goes on to question when does bicuriousity actually become bisexual.

You can check that out here.

To my surprise, there are no comments with this one yet. In fact, I’m noticing less comments on all the articles I’m reading lately.

TV Host Uses the “T” Word

For those who don’t know, the “T” word is now considered a pejorative in any context. I never really used it much when everyone else was using it because I always felt uncomfortable about it. I know it’s a common slang term, and not always meant in a negative way in drag culture, but I just personally never liked it much. And I always thought that if a word bothers a group of people that much, just don’t use it.

In any event…

Mistakes were made, and subsequently atoned for. On Thursday morning, Australian television host Karl Stefanovic raised the ire of Today Show viewers with offhanded remarks about the transgender community, referring to them as “trannies.”

Stefanovic has since apologized. I think he sounds sincere.  You can read more about it here. 

Body Image Issues and Homoerotic Art Photos

A photographer who had issues with his own body image came up with an interesting idea. Instead of focusing on the typical perfect male body image you see all the time, he photographed real guys with real bodies. And he created some excellent artistic images in the process.

“The people I’m most interested in are natural and true,” he explains. “I try to capture their sensitivity, fragility and even vulnerability And I try to show a diversity of personalities and physiques.”

How brilliant is that? I don’t think this should be an excuse to stop going to the gym and to start gorging yourself with pizza and doughnut carbs, but I do think it’s a nice change from the ridiculously photo shopped images we see all the time. That photo shop deal is becoming a cliche…a boring cliche.  

You can check out some of the photos here.

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