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The Rainbow Detective Agency: The Wedding; 1950’s Gay Advice; Would You Be Straight?

The Rainbow Detective Agency: The Wedding

Here’s the next book in the Rainbow Detective series, The Wedding. In short, without giving any spoilers, Blair and Proctor travel cross country to Provincetown to get marred for two reasons…one is business related and the other is so that Proctor’s parents who live in Connecticut can attend the wedding. This book is a lot more emotional than the other books and Proctor softens a little at times when he least expects it. He’s facing serious life issues with his family and he’s growing up fast.

They are calling this “Book 7” on Amazon, however, it’s really book 6. It’s being called “7” because Amazon considers Book 5…the box set…an actual book, too. I can’t control that one, so the best I can do is explain it.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me. My e-mail is on the sidebar in “About.”

There’s a lot of sex in the book, but that’s not what the book is about. I see loud mouthed authors complaining about too much sex in books all the time without ever considering one important factor: if the sex were removed from this book the story would still stand on its own. I’ve already proven that with Chase of a Dream by releasing the version with sex, and the version without. I wish more erotic authors would do this, too. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to listen to the sex haters complain about too much sex. It really would shut them up. It’s also an excellent exercise in editing to see if you really do have a strong story line.

But I digress, with a smile…

Here’s the blurb:

Want to escape into pure male/male fantasy and romance? Would you like to meet two hot men who love and trust each other enough to invite other hot men into their bedroom? The Rainbow Detective Agency is the place to go for that and more. 

After Blair gets shot working on a disgruntled author case, Proctor and Blair decide to get legally married. 

When they plan their small wedding in Provincetown instead of Los Angeles, they meet a handsome young guy named Cameron Marcus with Internet fame, hoping to hire him as a private detective.
The problem is they know nothing about Cameron except his fleeting fame, which makes Proctor far more cautious than Blair.

What will happen if Cameron decides to take the job at the detective agency and move to Los Angeles? Will young sexy Cameron turn out to be perfect for the job, or will he be the worst mistake Blair ever made? 

A steamy, sexy male/male romance, with humor, wit, love and emotion that has just the right amount of tenderness to bring a few tears to your eyes.

This book is a stand-alone in the The Rainbow Detective series and books one to four can be purchased as a box set.

You can check the rest out here, on Amazon.

1950’s Gay Advice

Those of us who weren’t around in the 1950’s often take so much for granted when it comes to everything LGBT+ related. I know I’m guilty of that more than I probably should be.  Not all advice back then was good advice when it came anything gay related.

But it wasn’t all bad. This is the advice one father gave his gay son in the 1950’s…

One day, Patrick’s father, sensing his son was gay, sat him down and gave him a piece of advice he still carries with him to this day: “Don’t sneak. Because if you sneak … it means you think you’re doing the wrong thing.”

“Of all the things a father in 1959 could have told his gay son,” Patrick recalls, “my father tells me to be proud of myself and not sneak. … I had the patron saint of dads for sissies. No, I didn’t know it at the time, but I know now.”

You can check out the rest here. 

Would You Be Straight?

I always find this interesting. It asks gay people the question that if you could be straight, would you?

We admit when we came a across the below Buzzfeed video titled “If You Could Be Straight, Would You?” we winced a bit, imagining the sad stories and even sadder desires to have been born more “normal.”

But it’s a pleasant surprise to hear the overwhelming pride from so many factions within the LGBTQ community — that even when there are hurdles along life’s road, these fabulous queer folks wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can check out the video here. You’ll like it.

I can tell you without thinking twice about it that I wouldn’t want to be straight for any amount of money in the world. I would have missed waaay too much fun in my life, a lot of which has been incorporated into my books.