A Big Thanks to The Bathhouse Blog

I don’t get google alerts. I just don’t like them. They cram up my in-box and annoy me.

But the downside of not getting google alerts is when I miss something nice and I miss a chance to say thank you. So here’s why I’m writing this post:

Who: The Bathhouse Blog.

What: They mentioned one of my books, HOT ITALIAN LOVER, in this post.

When: On October 28, 2011, and I’m embarrassed to admit I just saw it last night while checking blog stats. (I don’t check them very often either.)

Why: Because I want to thank them for being so nice. They didn’t have to do this!!

Where: You can check out the home page of The Bathhouse Blog, here.

For those who don’t know, I wrote a bathhouse scene in HOT ITALIAN LOVER that I thought was authentic. At least I based most of the scene on my own personal experiences as an openly gay man. And though I’m not an expert on bathhouses to any degree, I do know they’ve been a huge part of gay male culture for more years than I can count offhand.

If you’re interested in what real gay culture is like, check them out. I can’t promise you much, but you won’t see any Snoopy Happy Dances over there (smile).

Unpublished Excerpt: HOT ITALIAN LOVER

In this scene from HOT ITALIAN LOVER, the mc is out on a date with someone new, and he runs into his ex-partner…and his ex-partner’s new, much younger, boyfriend. It’s also what I consider a “raw” excerpt. In other words, it’s never been copy edited.

Jarrod welcomed them both with hugs and kisses, and then he led them to a small table at the back of the bar. But as they crossed the small wooden dance floor, Joey heard someone call out his name from the other side of the room. He stopped walking and turned. When he glanced to the right and saw who was calling him, it felt as if someone had pounded him in the stomach with a golf club.

Ned Stevens waved at him from across the bar. And Passion, the younger lover, was waving and bouncing, too. Joey grabbed his old friend’s arm and said, “Did you know Ned was here, Jarrod?”

Jarrod shrugged. “I just came in. I was in the office upstairs writing checks. I had no idea.”

Joey rolled his eyes. “What the fuck is he doing in Florence?”

Antonio put his arm around Joey’s waist and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jarrod lowered his voice and said, “Joey’s ex-partner is here, with the guy Joey found him in bed with.” He kept his voice low and his expression somber. But Joey couldn’t help thinking Jarrod was holding back a smile, enjoying this act of fate a little too much.

“I think I’d like to leave,” Joey said. He looked at Ned and Passion again. Passion was still waving and they were both making their way to the dance floor. “If I’d known they’d be here tonight, I never would have come.”

Jarrod said, “You can slip out the back way through the dressing room. I’ll just tell Ned you weren’t feeling well.”

But Antonio didn’t seem pleased at all. He grabbed Joey’s waist with more strength and said, “We’re not going anywhere.”

Joey looked up at him. “Oh yes we are. And we’re taking the back door.”

Antonio shook his head and said, “We are staying right here and we are going to enjoy ourselves. You don’t have to run from anyone, not as long as I’m with you.”

By the time Ned Stevens and young Passion reached them on the dance floor, the music had changed to a slower song and they didn’t have to shout over the Italian lyrics. Joey wanted to kick Ned Steven between the legs, but he kissed him lightly on the cheek instead. Joey didn’t hug or kiss little Passion. He smiled and nodded in his direction, trying hard not to glare at what Passion was wearing. Passion’s tight shirt, made out of some type of fake shiny material, was fire engine red and exposed an inch of his tiny waist. He wore eyebrow pencil, mascara, and some type of glittery cream above his eyelids. His leopard tights hugged his tiny legs and his bright red shoes had checkerboard laces.

Joey pressed his palm to his chest and he smiled at Ned, and then he said to Passion, “I just love your outfit, sweetie. It’s so colorful.” Though he was still ready to kick Ned Stevens in the balls, seeing how ridiculous little Passion looked that night gave him a sense of satisfaction that made him smile more than he had in the past month.

Hot Italian Lover Model…

I can honestly say that I’ve never hated a book cover I’ve had…even when it comes to anthology covers where I’m part of a group of authors. I like them all, and I’m usually never one to make more than a few comments about them. For me, even as a reader, it’s usually more about the content of the book than the cover.

This is mainly because I’m not a cover artist and I’m thankful to those who have the talents to produce great covers. I love Paul Richmond covers…and author G.A. Hauser has it nailed with great covers and cover models. And I like most other covers I see, too.

But this is the first time I’ve ever really gaped (drooled) at one of my own book covers. And it’s all because of the model in the photo above. I was curious to see how he’d look alone, so I cropped the photo. I wish I’d been able to crop out my name, too, but I’m not a great “cropper.” Don’t get me wrong…the other model is great…I like the entire cover. But damn, there’s just something about this guy that makes you want to smile right back at him!!


As I stated in an earlier post, HOT ITALIAN LOVER was supposed to be titled HIS TUSCAN EMBRACE. The publisher suggested HOT ITALIAN LOVER and I couldn’t decide so I let them choose in the end.

Choosing one title that works is never easy. Trying to decide between two is torture…for me. And sometimes I’d rather step back and let someone more objective offer advice.

The book can be purchased on all major web sites where e-books are sold, including amazon and the publisher’s web site.

Here’s a link to allromanceebooks.com. I truly do love them and the way they set up their site, and I always encourage readers to check them out. The product information is superior to most web sites. And they always send me a reminder about when one of my books is released (I love that). The readers over there tend to be a little more critical than other sites, but you take the good with the bad (smile).

(Note: From now on, if I publish the first paragraph of any post on the comment thread, it’s because when I link to facebook the first comment is always revealed on the status update. I don’t know how this works, but I don’t want anyone’s comment here on the blog being plastered all over the world, so I’ve decided to just post the first paragraph on the thread.)