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Martha Stewart’s Regret; Jobs (Film); Hot Gynecologist; Obama at Bookshop

Martha Stewart’s Regret

When I released the first book in the Second Chance series last week, I had a lot of people tell me about regrets in life they’ve had, and how it would be interesting to get a second chance. So when I saw this article with video about Martha Stewart’s one big regret I thought I’d post it as a good example of how everyone has one or two things they might want to change about their lives, if given a second chance.

Stewart also has a new book out. You can read more here, and there are links about the book.

As for Second Chance (‘s) I’ve decided to release one more second chance Christmas story before the holidays, which I’ll be posting about very soon.

You can find my first book in the Second Chance series here.

Jobs (film)

When I read the bio about Steve Jobs a year or so ago I posted about it here. One of the things about Jobs I’ve always found interesting was that his sister, Mona Simpson, wrote one of my favorite novels of all time back in the 80’s…Anywhere But Here. Jobs didn’t know Simpson was his sister until later in life because he’d been put up for adoption. And I find it fascinating that two siblings who never knew each other growing up, and lived completely separate lives, would both wind up doing great things. Coincidence? I don’t think so. But I never get metaphysical here on the blog (unless I’m casting a curse on a book reviewer 🙂 and I’m not going to start now.

As you can see from the link above, I kept my book review for the Jobs bio short and sweet. So I’m going to do that with the film, “Jobs,” too. I loved it. I thought they captured the early years perfectly. I thought Ashton Kutcher portrayed Jobs better than anyone I can imagine off hand. And I thought the tech angle was handled well for people who don’t understand much about techology but know enough to understand how Steve Jobs did, indeed, change the world. It’s not a love story and it didn’t have the typical Hollywood guy gets girl angle. The relationships in Jobs’ life were played down and the focus was more about his business and how hard he worked for perfection. And that really was what he was all about from what I’ve read over the years. Not everyone is wired to sit on the front porch swing and enjoy the sunset and all those simple things in life we’re always told mean so much. And thank God some aren’t, otherwise we’d all still be reading print books and rolling up car windows manually.

Here’s a great link where you can read 10 things about Steve Jobs you didn’t know. It’s totally unrelated to the film, but there are a few interesting points, Mona Simpson is mentioned, and the comment thread is filled with some of the most glorious cyber-idiots I’ve seen in a long time.

Here’s one comment I found amusing, because the blogger deleted a comment for use of profanity and because he wanted to keep the comment thread civil. Evidently, “Joe,” didn’t like that. He thinks blog comments are about free speech.

 Blocking an IP for someone using profanity? Seems way overboard and knee jerk to me especially for someone that forgives a liar, thief, and dead beat dad. I guess making money negates all of that.

Hot  Gynecologist

This link is as short and sweet as my review of the Jobs film, but it’s worth checking out. There’s a pictorial of one of the hottest gynecologists on the planet, Manuel Rico.

It states he’s also the 2010 Spanish Beauty King.

You can read more here. I wish I could share at least one pic, but we’re living in dangerous times with photo sharing and copyrights. It’s not like any of these photos will ever make anyone a great deal of money, and yet they hold onto the copyrights as if they’re holding the secrets of the holy grail.

I think I need an appointment with Rico. I’m having pelvic pain.

Obama at Bookshop

I think I remember reading the President did the same thing last year with his daughters, around Thanksgiving. In any event, he went to a brick and mortar bookshop last weekend, again, with his kids, and took advantage of a photo-op.

President Barack Obama celebrated Small Business Saturday by taking his two daughters on a trip to the Washington, DC bookstore Politics and Prose.

What surprises me most is that these things are always well-planned. They are always set up for various reasons, most of which are security. And with all the recent issues dealing with the government healthcare web site (I got very lucky and my health insurance was not canceled, so I’m safe for now) I was surprised to see Obama at a brick and mortar bookshop, and with his kids. I think his daughters are young adults now. And if they are anything like the young adults in my family they are reading their books on tablets, phones, or dedicated e-readers. That’s what people their age do. Or in some cases even laptops…now considered the old fashioned way. So why Obama would go to a brick and mortar bookshop instead of a radio shack franchise (or any small tech shop) to buy an e-reading device suggests his staff might be a little out of touch with Americans, and it also might suggest it’s one reason why our government can’t launch a viable web site like Amazon, or even Sears. But I could be wrong about that. I’m not very political and I haven’t even looked at the government web site once. I just think it makes the President look a little dated (out of touch) to be seen in a brick and mortar bookshop, and I think it would have been better for his image if his staff had suggested a trip to a tech store this year. Please keep comments civil on this issue. I don’t have anything against the President, or brick and mortar bookshops. But I do wonder about the people Obama surrounds himself with.