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New Release: Uncertainty by Ryan Field Gay Romance

New Release: Uncertainty by Ryan Field Gay Romance

Here’s my latest, newest release titled, Uncertainty.

It’s a New Adult erotic gay romance that focuses a lot on two young gay men who know very little about gay culture. In fact, they don’t even know what tea dance is.

And they are curious.

When Gus Baldwin realizes that his gay dad is serious about marrying a much older man for safety and security instead of love, he concocts a plot that he hopes will change his dad’s mind. Even though his other dad has been dead for over a year, Gus wants his surviving dad to find love and happiness someday with a new husband. 

However, their financial situation is about as bad as it gets and they’re on the brink of losing their grand old Victorian home, and everything about their perfect lives is threatened. So Gus winds up putting his own marriage on hold with the guy he’s been in love with since high school. It’s so bad he’s even thinking of quitting college to help support his dad and his younger brother just so his dad won’t have to marry the older man. 

After Gus convinces his dad to take a road trip in their vintage 1950s station wagon to their getaway cabin in the mountains, along with his younger brother, his future husband, and their nineteen year old dog named Special, their lives change in ways none of them ever anticipated. And even though the future is still uncertain in some respects, they discover a few things about themselves on this trip they never could have predicted.

I’ve posted links below.  It will be available in print or digital.


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It will also be available at iTunes and a few other places. I’ll post the links as I get them.