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Steve Grand’s Giant Wonderful Sense of Humor; Mother Teresa’s Views On Homosexuality; James Franco/Nick Jonas Frat Boy Film

Steve Grand’s Giant Wonderful Sense of Humor

I saw this trending earlier this week on Twitter and didn’t think it would make the news. Evidently, I was wrong. I titled the post that way on purpose because when I saw the tweet it was definitely meant to be taken lightly. And Grand does have a playful sense of humor on social media. His followers love it. I love it.

Let the groan-inducing double entrendres begin.

“All-American Boy” artist Steve Grand took to Instagram to show the world that he’s been doing odd jobs around the house, particularly caulking. Yes, caulking. The people have a right to know.

You can check that out here. It’s all in good fun and very SFW.

Mother Teresa’s Views On Homosexuality

I actually caught the ceremony last weekend where they canonized Mother Teresa. It was totally by accident. I was cleaning my garage and it came on the radio, so I listened while I dusted shelves. It was absolutely beautiful, and in so many different languages.

In any event, this article is about Mother Teresa’s views on homosexuality. It’s all speculation, though.

Most famously, Teresa is said to have stopped an interviewer when asked about her views on homosexuality, objecting to the word, saying they should instead be called “friends of Jesus.” Finding a primary source for this interaction proved fruitless.

You can read the rest here

James Franco/Nick Jonas Frat Boy Film

I can hear the groans already. Another James Franco/Nick Jonas gay baiting story. However, it’s still newsworthy to a certain degree. And it actually does look like an interesting film. But more important, there is a strong connection between fraternities and gay culture…for lack of a better way to put that. If this weren’t so, there wouldn’t be so many gay porn sites that are focused on fraternities. I’ve seen these frat web sites, and I’ve seen how they work. If you haven’t seen them, just do a simple search.

Back in July, we told you about Goat, the upcoming psychosexual thriller that pairs Nick Jonas and James Franco and delves into the darker aspects of frat culture: hazing rituals, unstoppered sadism, and the lengths frat boys will go in the name of “brotherhood.”

You can check this out here, and there’s a trailer that claims to be even darker than anything anyone expected. But I’m wondering if the word realistic might be more appropriate.

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