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Daddies and Twinks; New Titanic Info; Gay Porn Stars and Mean Tweets; Deadly Kinky Sex

Daddies and Twinks

As long as I’ve been gay the dad and twink deal has been going on in full force. There are books, films, adult material, and now these photos of dads and twinks. They prove that twinks aren’t the only ones with hot bodies, especially nowadays.

Farhad Z had everyone hot and bothered this week in the new red, white, and blue FU e=fu8 underwear collection. The sexy, 43-year-old put his younger male colleagues to shame in skin tight underpants, proving that you don’t need to be in your 20′s to look hot in a speedo.

You can read more here, and view photos of twinks and dads with great bodies wearing nothing but speedos. I know a lot of people worry about body image these days, but it’s all a matter of taste in the end.

New Titanic Info

I’ve always been interested in the Edwardian Era, which is one reason why I wrote Unmentionable: The Men Who Loved on the Titanic. There was very little information I could research about gay men, because gay men during that time were either treated as criminals or considered mentally unstable. For many the sinking of the Titanic signified the end of that era…there are arguments, but that’s not the point now. There’s new information about the sinking of the Titanic I thought was interesting enough to share.

It was proven long ago that the Titanic sank because it hit a giant iceberg. New research shows there could be a bit more to one of the most famous stories in history.

You can read more here, and watch a video.

Unmentionable: The Men Who Loved on the Tiantic by Ryan Field. Amazon Link

It’s a .99 e-book.

Gay Porn Stars and Mean Tweets

One of the biggest downfalls of social media is that there’s an aspect of meanness, where people who are inherently mean take advantage of a chance to strike out at others without having to look them in the face. A few years back it happened to a publisher and a few romance authors I know. This one particular web site known for mean girl tactics, put on a social media event of sorts where they literally ripped erotic romance books and authors to shreds on twitter every Friday night. It’s still about the worst thing I’ve ever seen from Internet social media bullies to date. And even though this story about porn stars is unrelated, this sort of low-end bully tactic is still happening today in many places, and now it’s happening with porn stars on Twitter.

If you write mean tweets about Paddy O’Brian, Dirk Caber, and Colby Keller, there’s a chance those boys might actually see them, as evidenced by a new video from

The video features some of our favorite naked eye-candies scrolling through Twitter to read some awfully harsh reviews.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing comes with the territory of putting yourself out there in any capacity these days. And it’s something you just have to get used to and deal with on your own terms because crying about it will only make the mean fuckers happier in the end. Crying about it doesn’t make it go away and it doesn’t make it any better. I hate to say this, I don’t like mean tactics like this, but put on those proverbial big boy pants and grow up. Criticism of all kinds come with the territory.

This one comment makes the most sense:

And, doesn’t having performers read nasty comments encourage people to leave nasty comments?

You can read more here.

Deadly Kinky Sex

This is something that’s rarely talked about, but I actually did write about it in my most recent book in the Glendora Hill series. I’ll post more about that when the book comes out. But I wanted to get into the topic in fiction to show people how dangerous it can be. It’s called erotic asphyxiation.

Diaz stood behind Canul-Arguello, choking the young man while at the same time rubbing his penis against his butthole. When Canul-Arguello asked to be choked “a little bit harder,” Diaz obliged.
Then, “at a certain point, he stopped moving,” he said.

Diaz let go of Canul-Arguello, whose lifeless body dropped to the ground. He tried to resuscitate him but was unsuccessful. In a flight of panic, he dragged the body next to a nearby recycling bin then lit the can ablaze in an effort to “signal for help.” Then he pulled a fire alarm and called 911 about the fire before fleeing the scene.

You can read more here about how this is being treated in court.

But, there is a little more to the story at this link. I think the jury is still deliberating on this one.

Diaz, a 25-year-old San Francisco resident from Mexico, has been charged with murdering Freddy Roberto Canul-Arguello and then mutilating his body by allegedly lighting a recycling bin on fire, which torched much of Canul-Arguello’s body.