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Daniel Radcliff Has a Girlfriend; Six Anti-Gay Rants; AT&T Anti-Gay Donation; Hot Cop of Castro; And Daniel Radcliff Has a Girlfriend

Daniel Radcliff Has a Girlfriend

This isn’t a rant. It’s not even a commentary. It’s just an observation.

Daniel Radcliff is best known for Harry Potter. But he’s also known for playing gay and profiting from gay content.

He makes it clear he has a girlfriend and talks about why he makes this clear. Evidently, when a lot of these celebrities Google themselves (and they all do it) search engines lead people to all kinds of misinformation, including gay speculation. Daniel Radcliffe has tried googling himself and being gay has been associated with his name…along with negatives like alcoholic.

In his own words:

 ‘When I first did that, I got really annoyed for about half a minute, until I tried a few other people’s names and I found out [gay] comes up after almost everyone if they’re a man, and even some women – Florence Welch had it, and I was like, really?’

He got annoyed? Because gay came up with his name? Could it be the shame that has always been associated with being gay? As I said, this isn’t a rant or a commentary…just an observation.

‘I’m pleased my girlfriend (Erin Darke) comes up before alcoholic or gay,’ Radcliffe says.

Yes, he’s pleased. But make no mistake, Radcliff claims to be an LGBTI supporter, he doesn’t let these things bother him anymore…when people think he’s gay.  I guess we should be happy for him. But I find that difficult because I don’t understand how someone who claims to support gay people gets frustrated when someone thinks he is gay.  

Side note: When I googled Radcliff’s name I came up with Wikipedia, IMDb, and a host of other publications that speak of his acting credits and his career. Maybe my search engine is different than his. Or maybe it’s because I only bothered to do a simple search. In any event, the important thing to remember here is that Daniel Radcliff has a girlfriend.

I hope this posts helps him promote that fact that he’s NOT gay, and that he does, indeed, have a girlfriend.

You can read more here.

Six Anti-Gay Rants

Here’s a list of some of the most recent anti-gay rants that have been going around.

This one is from someone I don’t think anyone’s ever heard of until now…

Michelle Duggar, a Z-list reality star from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, is making robocalls against a nondiscrimination measure in Fayetteville, Ark., claiming that transgender people are “males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female.” (Proof that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, oldest son Josh works for the homophobic Family Research Council.)

You can read the rest here. They all fall into the category of the most ridiculous, but they’re amusing all the same. And, at least we know where these people stand. They aren’t supporting us with one action and kicking us in the ass with another…like Daniel Radcliff who, in case you haven’t heard, has a girlfriend.

AT&T Anti Gay Donation

Yesterday I posted about Facebook’s donation to an anti-gay politician. They only donated $10,000, where AT&T donated $125,000. It’s amazing when you think about it, because they’re both claiming they are NOT anti-gay themselves. They’re just helping out the enemy.

In an e-mail to Long Star Q, AT&T spokesman Marty Richter insisted that, despite the company’s $125,000 in donations to a politician who is actively working against the equal rights of LGBT people, AT&T loves the gays. Richter went so far as to tout the company for being a “leader” in equality.

“Diversity and inclusion are part of AT&T’s culture and operations, and we’re proud to be recognized as a leader in this area,” he said. “[E]very year since 2004 we’ve received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for our fair treatment of our LGBTQ employees, including protection against discrimination, parity of health care benefits for domestic partners and other criteria.”

The most interesting part about this is that they think we’ll understand and forgive them for supporting anti-gay politicians. I’m not even political and I’m planning to switch to someone else now.

It’s shabby…but at least, in case you still haven’t heard, Daniel Radcliff has a girlfriend.  

You can read more here.

Hot Cop of Castro

I’ve posted about the Hot Cop of Castro a few times, but I don’t know if he has a girlfriend like Daniel Radcliff. His name is Chris Kohrs. In some ways he actually inspired me to write Cage James, a recent release I have out. Now it seems he’s taken the ice bucket challenge and he turned it into an event of sorts.

The hunky San Francisco cop sat shirtless on a stage at The Cafe in the Castro on Monday (18 August) where he was doused with ice cold water before a cheering crowd that had paid between $5 and $30 to watch

He’s helping to raise money for ODMF, The Officer Down Memorial Fund, which is an organization that helps family members who’ve lost officers killed in the line of duty.

You can read more here. There’s a photo of Kohrs at the link. It’s nice to see him using his newly found celebrity to do something positive.

Photo Attribution Here…and… don’t forget that Daniel Radcliff has a girlfriend.

Cage James

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Hot Castro Cop; Bottoms Up; More Bottoms In NY? The Virgin Billionaire Series by Ryan Field

Hot Castro Cop

Remember my post about the hot cop of Castro in San Francisco that had Armistead  Maupin so weak? We now know his name and he even has a Facebook page.

Kohrs hadn’t done anything to draw attention to himself except for being hunky and doing his job as a patrol officer in one of the gayest neighborhoods in the US – the neighborhood where Harvey Milk launched his political career.

You can read more about him here where there’s a link to his Facebook page. He made a point of showing support for gay pride and he’s straight.

Bottoms Up

I have heard more comments in conversation about whether or not there are more gay bottoms or tops in my lifetime to fill volumes. Sometimes it’s in jest, other times it’s snarky. And the one thing that almost always seem to ring true is that very few ever want to openly admit whether or not they are tops or bottoms. This article gives a chart about which cities have more tops or bottoms.

So say statistics, anyway! Gayblog TheSword recently compiled some Craigslist data, and figured out that when men are looking online to do sex with other men, certain cities trend heavily toward the receiving end. Chief among them is Houston—where 70% of folks are looking to fill the void.

There’s more here. I once had a friend who claimed most gay men are bottoms. But we all know that’s not true. I also read once where it’s more like 92% are bottoms. And I’ll never forget an interview I saw once where a talk show host asked an older gay man why he liked to bottom. The older man said, “Stick your finger in your ear and move it around. Which feels better the finger or the ear?”

More  Bottoms In NY?

Tony swears he can tell a top from a bottom just by looking at a guy. I’ve never had that gift and I find articles like this interesting. Of course it does contradict other articles, and we’re still left wondering in the end, but this one does make a few excellent points about why there might be a surplus of bottoms in NY. As always, the comments must be read.

Some surmise that the Big Apple’s bottom surplus is a reaction to the daily grind of making it in the city. “I have to be on all day,” Jason says. “At night, I don’t want to have all the responsibility on me. And the responsibility is on the top because he has to have an erection in order for sex to happen.” Other men say it’s only natural to want to be a bottom when it’s the bottom who has the most fun. Contrary to what many straight people assume, bottoms are not necessarily submissive or masochistic; any man who’s done some exploring knows the pleasures of the prostate.

Some bottoms call themselves “power bottoms,” which means they take pride in bottoming and are extraordinarily picky about the anatomical endowments of their partners. “A power bottom,” says Stan, 38, a literary agent, “is somebody who can take it pretty easily and likes it a lot. I know a guy like that who’s only topped four guys in his life. I said to him, ‘That’s one per decade!’ ”

It’s a long article and you can read more here. I still think it’s almost impossible to calculate since most bottoms won’t really admit it…something I never understood in the first place.

But I have heard from other guys that in order for them to top they usually need Viagra.

And here’s a link to The Virgin Billionaire Series on Amazon. All books are stand alones and can be read individually. I’m not a big cliff hanger fan. I also like continuity and if you read the sixth or seventh book in the ten book series you won’t have an issue figuring out who the characters are.

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