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Gay Men and Big Feet; Hot Colorado Firefighters; Clinton Papers on DADT; Four Feet Under With My Buddies by Ryan Field

Gay Men and Big Feet

This isn’t an official clinical study but it’s interesting all the same. Allegedly, gay men with big feet are more likely to cheat on their lovers, partners, or husbands than those with dainty feet. Over 31,000 participated and those with size ten or larger are 3 times more likely to cheat than those with size seven, eight, or nine.

18 percent of dudes have size seven feet. Of that 18 percent, just 4 percent reported that they would cheat on their partner. By contrast, 22 percent with size 11 shoes and 16 percent with sizes 12 to 13 shoes said that they would consider being unfaithful.

According to David Perrett, a specialist in psychology and neuroscience at the University of St. Andrews, “Body proportions are related and big shoes will likely mean a bigger, taller body. Body stature will relate to personality. Size will enable individuals to dominate in social situations. Dominance itself may open opportunities for affairs.”

You can read the rest here. However, the foot size of a man doesn’t dictate penis size. Hand size might be slightly different, so they say.  If you’re into feet, and I know many of you are, secretly, check out the foot photo with the link. And, check out my .99 e-book below that has a foot fetish theme. I don’t normally focus on specific kinks this way, but I had a few requests for this one.

Hot Colorado Firefighters

It’s that time of year again. Calender season. Where it’s become a ritual for all men with even a hint of a good body to take off their clothes and pose for calendars. I’m sure there will be many more to come. But they do serve a purpose. They’re almost always for a worthy charity.

You don’t have to be shy with us, we know at one point in your life you bought a calendar full of gorgeous half-naked men. The demigods served as daily inspiration every time you woke up. This year, we want you to wake up every morning under the protection of the men who make up Colorado’s finest Firefighters. Colorado-based underwear brand Baskit teams up with the hunks to make one scorching calendar every year. Not only do you get daily eye candy, but the proceeds from the calendars go to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

You can read more here, with photo samples.

Clinton Papers on DADT

Papers from the Clinton administration were recently made public and the topic of DADT is supposedly riddled with homophobia.

These are the most offensive:

“Homo[sexuality] is a problem for us,” Powell said, according to the notes taken at the meeting. He also recited all the same bogus fears that led to DADT, including the old predator canard; the notes say Powell was “concerned about forced association and immaturity of 18-year-old.”

The most offensive remarks came from Marine Commandant Carl Mundy, who 16 years later was still urging the president (now Obama) not to repeal DADT.  According to the notes, Mundy said that the statement “I’m gay” was the “same as I’m KKK, Nazi, rapist.” Coming out “fractures teamwork” and tells the world “I commit [an] act Amer[ica] doesn’t accept.”

Then democratic President Clinton wasn’t without his homophobic statements. I remember arguing this point with several people back then. They didn’t believe me.

“People I would like to keep [in the military] wouldn’t show up at a Queer Nation parade,” the president said, referring to the activist group.

I remember those days well, waiting to hear what would happen. The odd thing is that even though times were different to a certain extent, it was a lot better at that time than it was ten years prior to that, and I find these comments amazing from Clinton…even for that time period. Most liberal democrats at the time had already moved beyond that point.

You can read more here. The person who came out the best in the papers who supported gays was Vice President Al Gore.

Four Feet Under with My Buddies
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