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Catholic Priest Who Buried People With AIDS In the 1980s; Adam Driver Plays Best Gay Top; Hot Car Preview and No Cars In Gay Romance

Priest Who Buried People With AIDS In the 1980s

It’s a shame the title of this article I’m linking to is so poorly, poorly executed because if it had been headlined with the right clickbait more people would find it and read it. And they would know. I almost didn’t bother. It didn’t look as if I’d find it interesting…just based on the bad headline.

But I’m glad I did read it. It’s the story of how a former gay Catholic priest helped bury people who were dying of AIDS in the 1980s…when not that many people cared enough in those days.

“They just wanted to know they would be buried,” he says quietly. “They didn’t want or need anything religious. Most of them were estranged from their families, drug abuse, that sort of thing. I think they were embarrassed to reach out to relatives. Sometimes, when they died we would find a member of the family to come, but usually it was just me and the departed at the gravesite.”

The burials were performed at unmarked graves in a lonely section of Baltimore Cemetery. The caskets were as charity required, simple wooden boxes, and they always contained a body. The funeral home refused to cremate someone who died from AIDS because they were afraid of poisoning the air.

I was young and don’t remember much about that time, however, I’m glad I read this and you should read the rest of the article, too. It’s here.  

Adam Driver Plays Best Top

There’s something about Adam Driver I find almost irresistible. And, I’ve never seen him in anything that was bad, not on TV or in films. There’s this sexual quality about him that’s hard to explain.

And now he did this:

Versatile actor Adam Driver did something even his freaky Girls character wouldn’t dream of by playing a horny gay physician in a Saturday Night Live skit titled “The Doctor is in My Butt 4.”

Complete with cheesy dialogue and, ahem, stiff line readings, the spoof featured Aidy Bryant as a young girl who confuses a porn shoot starring Dr. Rockhard (Driver) for an actual doctor’s office.
You can check the video out here.

It turns into a parody gang bang. It’s very SFW.

Hot Car Preview and No Cars In Gay Romance

One of the things I always find interesting about women writing fiction is they never focus on cars in their books. They rarely even mention them. And in gay fiction, even gay romance, cars should play some kind of a role because so many gay men love their cars…at least if the book is geared toward gay men. I love my Lexus more than my luggage, and I’m not even half as into cars as some of the gay men I know. Many gay men, just like straight men, don’t live to go shopping and share make up tips, they LIVE for their cars. I know a few who are fanatical.

Maybe women aren’t as into cars as men? Maybe it is a gender thing? I don’t know. I’ve read a lot of mainstream romance and I rarely ever see cars mentioned (even remotely) there either. However, we…gay men…want to know about the cars the characters drive, too…especially in gay fiction. It should be a rule. Cars in fiction can also be a great way to show instead of tell. If a character is driving an ugly Prius with political bumper stickers, it gives an overall picture without saying another word.

But I digress. If you’re only writing for women and that’s your target audience, I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway. I just though I would point out that if you’re getting your info about gay men from your gay bff who likes to shop with you, he might be leaving something out. In any event, here’s a piece about the hottest new cars out this year.

Detroit has famously been through some tough times, but every January, when the weather is at its very worst, the Motor City is at its very best as Detroit hosts the annual North American International Auto Show. This year was even hotter than usual, as debutants from around the globe, including the all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi Allroad wagon, Infiniti G60 Coupe, Volvo S90 sedan, and BMW M2, to name a few, had Cobo Hall brimming with excitement. But at the end of the media day frenzy, the five cars we’ve detailed below stood out as the best of the best. Read on to see what kept us all hot and bothered on the show floor, despite the cold weather outside.

You can check out the rest here, with photos. 

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