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In Case You’re Wondering About the Poor Grammar in Some Books…

Frankly, I have been wondering about grammatical errors in books for a while now. On this blog, I’m not all that careful about grammar. This is a relaxed place to come, and I don’t think all blog posts have to be written with a red pen. I write these posts fast, hoping I get it right. And some of my favorite personal blogs are so far off when it comes to grammar it makes them special.

But I do feel differently about the grammar published books. I don’t want to read “myself,” when it should be “me.” And I don’t want to read “Me and my sister went to the store,” instead of “My sister and I went to the store.” I can get that just by watching the people on Judge Judy.

But if you’ve been wondering why a lot of books these days have grammatical errors, check out this comment, where a guy actually defends not only his lack of knowledge with regard to grammar, but also his disregard for grammar in a general sense. He thinks creativity is more important than “grammer,” and he’s proud of himself.

Seems typical of the way things are going these days. Why should grammar matter anymore in published books? But then why the hell am I paying ten grand a year in property taxes? Grammar shouldn’t be learned on a college level. It should be nailed in Grammar School.