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Nude Robert Marucci Pics; Marry My Lesbian Daughter for $130 Million

Nude Robert Marucci Pics

I posted about an eighteen year old who, allegedly, was bullied, kicked out of school, and then let back into school all as a result of doing a gay porn film in order to raise money for his family. I’ve seen a few conflicting articles, but the gist of the story is that he was bullied by students for doing what he did and now he’s back in school again.

Look below for 9 pictures of Robert Marucci, who went by the name of Noel on the SeanCody site. Much of the footage shows him in the nude or with his surfboard.

You can read more here, as well as view the photos.

I have to admit that I’m on the fence about this because I hate to see someone that young doing porn. We’re living in hard times, when people who work full time in places like fast food restaurants and retail outlets that are owned by multi-billionaires can’t seem to make ends meet. Our leaders in Washington, D.C. are taking what adds up to million dollar vacations at our expense instead of cutting back like the rest of us are doing and at the very least trying to make themselves appear less vulgar than they really are. Marucci found a way to make money, legally, to allegedly help his family out. I find it hard to fault him for that.

Marry My Lesbian Daughter for $130m

Speaking of millions, there is a tycoon in Hong Kong who is offering a large sum of money to some lucky young man to marry his lesbian daughter. The lesbian daughter is married to a woman in France, but the tycoon still thinks he can turn her around, so to speak.

the wealthy property developer Cecil Chao made global headlines when he offered a reward of HK$500 million ($65 million, €50 million) to the man who could persuade daughter Gigi to marry him.

But now, after 20,000 men offered their hand in marriage, Chao is considering increasing the offer.

Of course his daughter thinks it’s ridiculous, and no man is going to attract her.

So far, a lot of men have made offers but no one has succeeded. If anyone cares, I’ve asked Tony’s permission and he says that for $130m I can marry her, and even become a lesbian if I want.

You can read more here.