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The New Brent Corrigan; Maytag’s Pride Campaign; Homosexuality As A Disease: Bilerco Report

The New Brent Corrigan

I’ve posted my thoughts about the James Franco movie, King Cobra, and Brent Corrigan. And now I want to post something about a new web site that Brent Corrigan just launched. I like Corrigan, and I will always support the gay person over the non-gay person who is playing gayface every single time…especially when the non-gay person is exploiting for monetary gain.

Here’s a link to Corrigan’s new web site, where he talks candidly about his upcoming book and more…

 And then, a few months later I was haphazardly approached by filmmakers wanting to use my name and story in a film exploiting and taunting the adult industry, one man’s murder, the gay community and queer culture. Short version of what happened: I said no.

You can read the rest here. It’s a very well designed web site, professional, and I believe R rated and SFW.  Frankly, I couldn’t agree with Corrigan more, and I’m sick and tired of the cultural appropriation and non-gay people telling gay people how to be gay. I’m not the only one.

Maytag’s Pride Campaign

In spite of the fact that most of the gay men I know tend to lean more towards the really high end appliances like Wolf, Maytag has launched a Pride campaign that is getting mixed responses.
Well, a few days ago, the brand unveiled its latest Pride campaign, which finds the ever-dependable repairman clutching a bunch of colorful groceries: orange soda, yellow mustard, green watermelon — okay they didn’t exactly go out on a limb, and you get the gist:

The replies are all Tweets. You can check them out here. As you might imagine not all of the replies are supportive or positive.  And as I said above, most of the gay men I know can afford higher end appliances and wouldn’t even consider a Maytag appliance. It’s kind of ironic to see idiots doing hate tweets.

Homosexuality As A Disease: Bilerco Report

Here is a compelling, and short, story about what it was like back in the day, and when homosexuality stopped being a disease…and how hard it was to make that happen. It’s from the Bilerco Report at LGBTQ Nation.

 When they saw us, they stood and began beating us with their medals while shouting “Get out of here. We don’t want any more people like you here!” Others yelled: “You’re sick, you’re sick you faggots, you drag queens!” Other psychiatrists stood up from their seats and attempted to push us physically from the hall. I was able to escape their grasp, and I sat locking arms with a contingent on the floor just beneath the stage.

Here’s the rest.  It’s not long and I highly suggest you read this. It’s not clickbait either. This is the real deal. And it’s one of the reasons why I get so annoyed when I see non-gay people exploiting my culture and my life.

 And, here’s a link to Wiki that gives the exact year homosexuality stopped being a disease.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder.



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