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Still Terrifiying To Be Gay Or Lesbian Teen; Marco Rubio Speaks On Gay Intolerance; Homophobic Males Attracted To Gay Images

Still Terrifying To Be Gay Or Lesbian Teen

The scariest part of this article is that they don’t take into consideration the gay teens who are NOT out of the closet. And I would be willing to bet, even in this day and age, that most teens remain in the closet just like they always did…unless they come from very exceptional homes.

As we recently reported, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that gay and lesbian teens face an astonishing amount of sexual violence. But the report just scratches the surface of just how difficult it is to be LGBTQ, even at a time of growing acceptance of the gay lifestyle and as courts recognize the rights of LGBTQ individuals nationwide.

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So what they’re really saying is that not much has changed for gay teens…or rather those gay teens who are openly gay.

Marco Rubio Speaks On Gay Intolerance

This week Marco Rubio received a lot of negative press for speaking before an anti-gay conservative Christian group. However, his speech wound up sounding more supportive of gays than ever before.

“Do not judge, or you will be judged,” he said, echoing a verse from the Bible.
“To love our neighbors we must recognize that many have experienced sometimes severe condemnation and judgment from some Christians,” he said. “They have heard some say that the reason God will bring condemnation on America is because of them — as if somehow God was willing to put up with adultery and gluttony and greed and pride, but now this is the last straw.”
I think this is an example of slowly changing times. I predicted it would happen a few years ago here on this blog, and it is. Of course he is playing to both sides this time because he’s up for reelection and he’s a politician, but it’s a change in tone. And it’s going to continue to change.
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Homophobic Males Attracted To Gay Images
This one doesn’t surprise me at all…
A study conducted in 1996 found that homophobic men responded favorably downstairs when viewing “male homosexual” “erotic stimuli.” They were shown gay, straight and lesbian “stimuli,” and while both the homophobic and non-homophobic men became aroused during the straight and lesbian material, only the antigay men were aroused during the gay imagery.
And there’s brand new study to back it up. 
You can check it all out here.  
I guess a picture sometimes is really worth a thousand words.
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