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Zak Hardaker Denies Homophobia; Gay Cruising in Britain Park; Davey Wavey and Grindr

Zak Hardaker Denies Homophobia

I’m honestly not so sure about this one, this time. I posted about English rugby player, Zack Hardaker, in June because he was banned for allegedly calling another player a gay pejorative. You can read about that here. He’s now being accused of more homophobic language and there is no actual concrete evidence to support this. He’s denying it, with emphasis.

It’s being “investigated” right now and no one has released any of the alleged language he used. I’m making a point to emphasize the word alleged. We don’t know all the facts yet.

In any event, this is how Hardaker has responded to the allegations:

Hardaker took to Twitter to defend himself, claiming the allegations were “a load of rubbish”.
“Well this is the last straw for me,” he tweeted. “Sick of the crap that’s coming out about me, nobody knows anything so why would you comment in it.
“And the fact that people are saying I’ve said a homophobic comment or that I’m homophobic is a load of rubbish!! I’ve had ENOUGH.
“People don’t know the consequences this has on myself and my family and it’s p*****g me right off!!!
“So there…… You can write all you want you JOURNALISTS.!! Waste of breath the lot if you.”

Frankly, that doesn’t sound like a guilty man to me. Guilty people don’t usually react that way. They smile and pretend nothing happened, oh, and they apologize and post photos of kittens. I actually hope it’s not true and that this investigation proves nothing. I’d like to think Hardaker is telling the truth, mainly because I tend to agree with him that most journalists these days are, indeed, a waste of breath.

Gay Cruising in Britain Park

It’s always been common knowledge in gay circles that some gay men tend to cruise in certain places…or where there’s an element of danger. It’s kind of like what the English straight people call “dogging.” I’m not singling out people in the UK either. This sort of thing is done here in the US, and probably other countries, too.

In any event, there’s a gay cruising spot in a British park in Brighton where local residents are now complaining the park officials are not trimming the shrubs enough and it’s promoting this kind of promiscuity…or covering it up, so to speak. I’m not quite sure where they are going with this. Here in the US if a park or cruising spot is discovered, and they know gays are frequenting it, they start arresting them by luring them into traps (entrapment) and eventually word gets around and no one goes there anymore. This has happened to more than a few people I know here in the US. The police get a really hot young cop to lure an older closeted gay man into a bathroom or the bushes and the instant the gay man makes an even slightly suggestive move they arrest him…handcuffs and all. Why don’t you hear more about this? Because the gay men are usually in the closet and too ashamed to admit it.

A park worker in Brighton said this:

According to a Cityparks employee speaking under anonymity: “We always err on the side of caution when pruning due to the sensitivity of the area. The thinking behind this is to keep the activities mentioned all in one place.”

Not only are residents complaining, there’s a gay guy leading the troops so to speak:

“Are we going to wait until somebody overdoses on drugs in the area and dies?”, he asked, “or will we wait until an unsuspecting gay man is attacked, mugged, beaten or even killed before we put lighting in the pathways and seal up vacant buildings where rampant drug use and high-risk sexual activity is occurring?”

Side note: these things are kept so quiet and so on the down low many will not admit aloud there’s a cruising spot called “the dick dock” in Provincetown, MA.  They’ll claim the don’t know what you’re talking about. In Philadelphia there was once a park dubbed “Judy Garland Park” simply because it was a known gay cruise spot. I’m not sure it’s still there. I’ve never actually gone to one of these places myself.

You can read the rest here.

 Davey Wavey and Grindr

The well known gay youtube personality, Davey Wavey, is at it all the time. He’s now giving tips on how to make your Grindr profile more interesting…or appealing. (I’ve never done Grindr either, so I can’t comment much on this one.)

Among his tips for a “sexy online dating profile makeover” are the obvious: “be authentic,” “don’t gorge yourself like Grindr is a man buffet,” and “don’t be an asshole.”

The most important tip is use a current, real photo of yourself. Talk about stating the obvious.

You can read more here, and see the video.


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