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Margie Winters Meets the Pope; Homophobic Bar Owner; James Franco As the Mean Girl

Margie Winters Meets the Pope

I had a completely different post for today, however, this is far more important. When I first posted about Margie Winters I felt discouraged about her situation and I thought it would wind up crashing and burning like so many other situations where innocent gay Catholic School teachers have been fired because they got married. Even though I’ve been following the story on social media all this time, I haven’t posted much about it because, again, I didn’t think it would go anywhere. And my Facebook followers don’t seem as interested in stories like this anymore. You can tell.

I felt even more discouraged when I saw on Facebook that people were making pleas for Pope Francis to meet with Margie Winters when he comes to Philadelphia this month. I know all too well how the Catholic Church operates. I was raised Catholic and went through 12 years of Catholic school. And when I first heard about Margie Winters actually meeting the Pope in Philadelphia I just shrugged and thought, “Yeah, like that’s going to happen.”

In any event, this is the latest news about Margie Winters meeting Pope Francis. Evidently, President Obama has invited Winters to the White House to help welcome Pope Francis, in person. I don’t know the full back story…or how President Obama found out about Margie…but I think it’s one of the most significant moves the President has made while he’s been in office, for LGBT people. It appears he’s sending a message to the Pope, in a very polite dignified way.  Here’s the source.

The 50-year-old Winters says she lost her job this year at a private Catholic grade school outside Philadelphia over her 2007 same-sex marriage.
Thousands of people from diverse social and religious backgrounds are expected to attend the welcoming ceremony Wednesday on the South Lawn.
Winters hopes to get a chance to speak to the pope. She would ask him to extend his message of inclusion to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics.
She says her invitation came through the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT advocacy group.

Homophobic Bar Owner

Yesterday I posted about a bar owner, Pam Griffin, and the two gay men who were allegedly kicked out of her bar for kissing. Here’s a follow up. Keep in mind, they were only kissing like straight people kiss all the time.

A Fayetteville, North Carolina bar owner who kicked a gay couple out because of public displays of affection says she is getting threats from “coast to coast” via social media because of her actions.

Or at least that’s how the local media is covering the story.

Long-time Fayetteville resident Dustin Baker and his visiting boyfriend Andrew Deras decided to hit up Louie’s Sports Pub for a few drinks and to catch the live band.

You can read the rest here, where there is a photo of the bar owner and the two men she kicked out of the bar.

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about this. There are comments, too.

James Franco As the Mean Girl

Of course James Franco is back in the news with something LGBT related. It’s not actually LGBT. It’s just slightly LGBT related because he does a mean girl in the old wild west in drag. You have to see him in drag.

The hit series Gossip Girl ended its run in 2012, but to James Franco it’s timeless. The ever-busy entertainer transports the storyline of the popular Manhattan-set show to the Old West and in the process makes a fetching, if incredibly bitchy saloon gal.

Actually, Franco’s doing this for his AOL Making a Scene series, and this time I love what Franco’s doing with that series.

But more than that, Franco winds up looking way too hot in the corset and I’m not sure he even realizes how hot.

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