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Homeless Gay Youth, Bullying, and a Problem I Once Had With a Book Reviewer About This…

A friend recently told me about the rising number in homeless gay and transgender youth. And bullying seems to play a large part in this.

Here’s part of an interesting article I found, and here’s the link to the entire piece. As I come up with different things and more information about the topic, I’ll post more.

And, sadly, this is the information we do know. I’m certain there are cases in large numbers we don’t know about. The friend I posted about in the Chaz Bono post below this post was, in fact, homeless for a long time until a group of us helped him out.

If you are young, gay, and homeless, reach out for help. There are a lot of people who would be more than willing to support you. I know this because I’ve seen it first hand.

I wrote about this in AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN, and two years ago a book reviewer argued the point that the gay character in the book had options and he had choices. And then she slammed the book because I didn’t mention his options or choices. When I kindly pointed out that young gay people don’t always think they have options, she was shocked. You can read all about it in this previous post. I won’t comment on a book review of mine ever…unless it’s not socially responsible and I have either personal knowledge or facts to back me up. And I won’t write about it in the first place unless I have the facts or knowledge.

Harassment at school leads to high dropout rates
86 percent: The portion of gay and lesbian students who reported being verbally harassed at school due to their sexual orientation in 2007.

44 percent: The portion of gay and lesbian students who reported being physically harassed at school because of their sexual orientation in 2007.

22 percent: The portion of gay and transgender students who reported having been physically attacked in school in 2007. Sixty percent say they did not report the incidents because they believed no one would care.

31 percent: The portion of gay and transgender students who report incidents of harassment and violence at school to staff only to receive no response.

Two times: How much less likely gay and transgender students are to finish high school or pursue a college education compared to the national average.