Category: Hollywood’s Avoidance of Openly Gay Actors; New York City and Toronto Pride; HIV Vaccine Trials 2019

Hollywood’s Avoidance of Openly Gay Actors; New York City and Toronto Pride; HIV Vaccine Trials 2019

Hollywood’s Avoidance of Openly Gay Actors

I titled this in a totally different way than the article to which I’m linking. But aside from that, it’s an excellent piece that discusses LGBT films, characters, and the fact that you almost always see straight actors playing gayface. Gayface, as in the way it relates to white actors/performers who used to play blackface.

But as times have changed and “gay” is no longer a dirty word onscreen, straight actors are reaping most of the rewards (and awards). Assorted performers have come out as gay in recent years, but they aren’t the ones grabbing the bulk of the suddenly coveted gay roles. The Queer Eye guys get more play than Matt BomerZachary Quinto, and Jonathan Groff combined.

I know for a fact that openly gay Colton Haynes has spoken up about this, and he’s usually ignored.  And for the record, I see it happening in book publishing all the time, too. 

Here’s the rest. Of course no white actors would ever dare play blackface anymore. And rightly so. Because that would be wrong. 

New York City and Toronto Pride

This is always a huge event in NYC every year, but it’s a huge event everywhere. I’m seeing “NHC” signs all over New Hope, PA where I live, meaning “New Hope Celebrates.” 

The annual Pride parade, which first took place in 1970, has grown to become one of the largest in the United States, with hundreds of groups marching and more than 100 floats.

Here’s the link. I love the history behind it. Imagine, 1970! That’s a long time ago, and a great deal has changed, and yet somethings are still the same. 

It was also Toronto Pride, as well. 

HIV Vaccine Trials 2019

Speaking of how much some things have changed. This is monumental. For many of us it’s taken our entire lives to read about something like this. 

A new experimental HIV vaccine is to start human trials as early as next year.

The vaccine, which is constructed to fit a vulnerable part of the HIV virus, generated antibodies during tests on mice, guinea pigs, and monkeys. It was successfully able to neutralize various strains of HIV.

Here’s more. They refer to this vaccine as “epitome-based,” and it gets a little technical but it’s worth the read. 

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