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Neil Partick Harris on Oscars; First Brick Thrown At Stonewall; The Scottish Duke by Ryan Field

Neil Patrick Harris on Oscars

Last year Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Oscars and I thought it was better than most years. He was recently asked if he’d do it again and here’s what he said.

“It’s a rare ask,’ he says.

‘It’s a lot of effort that goes into something that, at the end of the day, becomes inconsequential,’ he adds. ‘If you think about it you’d be hard pressed to remember the nominees. It just goes away and there’s a new thing. That’s the interesting dynamic. You spend an asinine amount of time overthinking it and as soon as it’s done it just sort of vanishes. I’d do it again if I was asked. I had a really fun time.’

I never paid attention to the critics, and I loved what Harris did. And, frankly, the Oscar Award Show is a tough gig for anyone to handle and it takes a very special person, like Harris, to make something so self-indulgent, and so God awful boring, entertaining. Harris did that, and more. 

I hope he does it again.

You can read the rest here. 

First Brick Thrown At Stonewall

Here’s another one of those memes by Sam Kalidi, whom I’ve posted about before. He’s usually funny. I follow him on Twitter. However, this time he put together something a little more intense than usual.

Each week online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi creates a new meme for Queerty readers. This week he gets serious about the Stonewall movie controversy and looks at the person many people believe was the true hero of the pivotal moment in the struggle for queer rights. Sam looks forward to all your hate mail. You can find him on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and at your local glory hole.

Here’s the link to the meme.

With the huge debate that’s been going on online all week about the upcoming film, Stonewall, and how it may or may not have been whitewashed by Hollywood as a dramatization, there are still a lot of opinions on the topic and you can read them in the comment section.

Some activists are even calling for a boycott. I can’t comment on any of this because I’m not Stonewall expert and I haven’t seen the film. I’m also coming from a place of white privilege this time, and I don’t think it’s even fair for me to comment. But the big problem as I see it is that Hollywood, as usual, rearranges history to suit its own best interest. In their quest to be left wing liberal they usually fail by pulling stunts like using “yellowface” in films like Cloud Atlas, and the films almost always tank.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 6

The Scottish Duke