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Gay Guide Straight Relationships; Naughty Gay Pups Arf; Hollywood Gay Murders

Gay Guide Straight Relationships

This is another one of those articles I don’t get and never will. It talks about how gay men are better guides to straight people when it involves relationship issues. I think it came from a scene in Sex in the City...or something else as dismal.

In any event, it’s interesting to see how they portray gay men and how this time they insult straight people.

In theory, we’re probably the last people these folks should be turning to for advice. After all, most of us have absolutely zero experience with opposite-sex relationships. And surely we have just as many problems in our partnerships. But let’s face it: there are certain things we do differently and, well, better. (Of course, we’re sure opposite-sex couples could teach us a thing or two, too.)


Here’s an example of the kind of idiocy they are hawking. Remember this is advice from a gay POV to straight people. Please don’t blame me. I have nothing to do with it.

As gay men, we’re not above asking our boyfriend to bat his eyelashes at the male flight attendant if it means complimentary in-flight cocktails for the next six hours. Flirting can be an excellent way of getting things: discounts, free upgrades, special treatments, you name it.

Can your girlfriend’s cleavage get you an upgrade on your rental car? Great! Can your boyfriend’s sparkling blue eyes and dashing smile charm the hostess into seating you early? Awesome! Allowing your partner permission to work his or her magic on others can actually benefit you, too. And it will keep him or her happy short of having to sleep with the subject of the flirting. So stop acting all jealous and insecure and enjoy the perks of being in a relationship with someone other people find desirable. It won’t last forever, honey.

First, I pay for my drinks, thank you. Second, is this idiot really telling a guy to pimp out his girlfriend in this sexist way to get a better rental car? What about the girlfriend telling the boyfriend to drop his zipper a few inches? This only tells him to bat his eyelashes. I think there’s a difference. When Rose McGowan says gay men aren’t supporting women enough, I’m starting to think she may have a point.

Here’s just the title of one:

 You don’t have to get married. Ever

Well, yes you do, especially if you want to own property, furniture, cars, etc… Getting legally married helps in a number of ways financially, and it even helps if you decide to get a divorce because the laws are written up in a way that make everything pretty much black and white. Without that marriage license there’s no proof of anything. I’m talking about younger people now, not older couples who are on their second or third time around. But even in that case living together has far less advantages than marriage…why we’ve been fighting for gay marriage all this time.

My advice is to ignore everything you read here. The fact is that gay marriages/relationships aren’t all that different from straight ones. There’s even gender politics involved but that’s too complicated to get into right now. And always remember that when you take advice from anyone about anything make sure you’re getting that advice based on someone with experience. I have to wonder how much experience the author of this article has.

I have to admit one thing, which is a little refreshing. At least this one insults both gay and straight people.  The author’s name is listed at the bottom. I’d watch out for this one in the future.

Naughty Gay Pups-Arf!

I have to admit that I’ve always wanted to post something on this topic but I don’t know enough about it to comment, and I tend to shy away from things like because it’s considered so taboo in publishing. So I’m just linking this time.

Woof woof oink! Pups and gear pigs clustered at the Seattle Eagle last Friday for Arf!, a night of kink, fetish, bath house disco and sleazy dance tunes. Zak the Barber and Pup Kai hosted a frisky puppy pile, and DJs Tony Radovich and Nark kept the animals dancing all night.

These days, it seems like gay bars are an endangered species, with all the good old gritty hole-in-the-wall dives closing up shop. Nice to see the gays can still break out their harnesses and work up some musk when the occasion calls for it.

If you don’t get that, don’t be upset. You’re not alone because I don’t get it either.

The rest is here, with photos of men dressed as dogs and other various images that don’t help gay men look at that dignified. Ruff Ruff 🙂

Hollywood Gay Murders

This is interesting because it involves gay men and pop culture. It’s a piece about gay murders in Hollywood that have taken place over the years. There are a lot I know nothing about, but I do remember reading about Sal Mineo more than once. His murder is in here, along with this one I never heard before.

Danny Lockin

Best known for his portrayal of Barnaby Tucker in the 1969 film version of Hello, Dolly!, actor and dancer Danny Lockin’s final performance occurred on an August 21, 1977 taping of The Gong Show, where he and his dance partner tied for first place. To celebrate their victory, the pair decided to go for a drink at The Mug, a gay bar in Garden Grove. Danny was later seen leaving the establishment with a 34-year-old regular named Charles Leslie Hopkins. Hours later, Hopkins called police to say he’d been robbed. But upon showing up at his apartment, cops found the body of Lockin, who’d been stabbed nearly 100 times. Since only six of the stab wounds turned out to be fatal, it was believed Danny had not only bled out but that he’d been tortured and stabbed repeatedly after his death. Despite the discovery of what the press referred to as a “torture diary” (which featured Polaroids of the murder and led authorities to believe the crime was premeditated) at the residence, police had failed to secure a proper search warrant and the book was ruled inadmissible. Hopkins was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to four years in jail.

You can read the rest here. The comments are interesting, too.

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