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The Holiday Shelf Over at

I have to admit that this is one of those things I enjoy about writing and promoting books. And I don’t enjoy much about promoting. I always feel awkward about doing it.

But this is more like giving a huge shout to all the Christmas books and stories at one time.

There’s a Holiday Shelf over at, where readers can peruse through a list of holiday themed titles. You can get there from here.

I have two on the shelf: One is a novella titled, SANTA SATURDAY. And the other is a new adult genre Christmas novella titled, THE COMPUTER TUTOR.

But check out the entire shelf and see if there’s anything you like. This is inside information I don’t give out very often. But the authors over at are given almost free range to do whatever they want. It’s the ultimate creative process for an author and one I cherish. And the reader is really getting what the author intended him or her to get, without the hype. I’ve worked with a lot of publishers in my time and I’ve always had good experiences with them. But I’ve never been allowed full creative control…until I started working with about six years ago.