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Are Gay Marriage and Abortion the Same Issue; Wanda Sykes Is Booed Off Stage; Hockey Player Brock McGillis Led Life of Denial

Are Gay Marriage and Abortion the Same Issue
I’ve seen gay marriage compared to abortion a lot this week and it made me wonder. So I went searching on the Internet and didn’t find much about it. Frankly, it never even occurred to me to compare my own marriage to abortion. Even though both issues are decided by the courts, I’ve always thought of them as completely separate issues that need to be addressed individually. In the most basic sense, marriage is about love and abortion is about reproduction.

In any event…

Here’s one article I did find that gets into the more pragmatic reasons why gay marriage and abortion are different:

As a result, it’s fair to divide the major issues in American political life into two broad categories. In one category are the rights-based issues in which the future can be safely predicted. In the other category — which includes abortion, gun control and climate change — there is far less clarity about the direction of public opinion.

It’s an interesting discussion. I do wonder, though, if straight people compare their heteronormative marriages to abortion…or does it even occur to them to do that because they’ve always had the privilege of legal marriage.

Wanda Sykes Is Booed Off Stage

This is something I never thought I’d see. It shows just how heated things are getting out there.

This weekend, Wanda Sykes found herself at the mercy of an irate crowd after criticizing President-elect Donald Trump, leading her to flip off the audience and exclaim, “Fuck all y’all.”

The Boston Herald reports the incident occurred at the 22nd annual Comics Come Home fundraiser, benefiting the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care at the TD Garden arena.

You can check that out here.

I’ve always believed that if the comic is clever and funny enough any joke can be pulled off no matter how politically charged it is. George Carlin was a master at this. Robin Williams was just as good. Don Rickles insulted everyone and got away with it. I do remember when one comedian whose name I can’t recall made a few racially charged jokes that didn’t go over too well. I think he’s still regretting that to this day, and rightly so.

I’m actually surprised at this because I remember when Wanda Sykes made a few jokes about President Obama in the beginning of his presidency and they were clever, well executed, and had perfect timing. No one got insulted. So I don’t get what happened this time. Maybe we’re all getting a little too sensitive?

Hockey Player Brock McGillis Led Life of Denial

This is what matters to me the most. This is getting to the core of being gay, and what it’s like to live life as a gay person. No straight person alive can ever understand this. I get e-mails all the time from gay male readers who don’t think they have any hope left, and they come from all over the world and the most unlikely places.

Brock McGillis was a hockey player who was in the closet for a long time. And now he’s speaking candidly about what it was like for him. It’s one of the better articles I’ve seen on this topic.

When the injuries finally took their toll and my hockey career ended, it felt liberating. I could finally be free and experience life as a gay man without judgment from the hockey community. It didn’t last long….

For the last five years I have helped hundreds of players reach their goals – but I’ve done it with caution. I never divulged my sexuality to any of the athletes I’ve worked with and was always quick to shut down any homophobic language used in my presence.

Eventually I noticed a change: when a player said something like, “That’s gay,” they would quickly apologize.

You can read it in full here. At least things are changing a little. I think public opinion in general is changing. I hope I’m not wrong about that.