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Dumping Your F#$k Buddy; Gay "Bob" and Dolls; His HIV Status

Dumping Your F#$k Buddy

These articles always interest me because I’ve never had to experience something like this first hand. I never had a f#$k buddy, hope I never will have one, and it’s interesting to see how others deal with these things.

In this case I’m talking about how to break up with a f#$k buddy. I think we all know what the term FB means by now so I’m not going to explain it. They do it in the article.

Here’s rule 1:

RULE #1: Ask yourself: Why am I breaking up with him?
Getting laid on a regular basis is a good thing. So before you break it off, take a moment to ask yourself why you’re dumping him. We’ve seen too many perfectly good FB lost for no good reason.

Is the guy you are dating insisting you get rid of him?

Do you fear growing emotionally involved?

Or have you simply lost interest? Generally speaking, FBs have a famously short life expectancy before you are onto the next one. (With no hard feelings, of course.)

You can read the rest here. Rule 4 will make you smile.

Gay “Bob” and Dolls

I don’t think I went to a birthday party in the 90’s where a “Gay Bob” doll didn’t show up during the unwrapping of the birthday gifts. And by then it was already considered old hat…my friends were a lot older then me at the time, too. For them it was a gag gift, in a retro sort of way. I think Gay Bob was introduced in the late 1970’s, but don’t quote me on that. It could have been the 80’s.

I actually forgot about most of these gay dolls until I saw this article, with this video.

It’s the tally of the dolls! Comic Mike Diamond and pal Matinga take a trip down memory lane and remember all their favorite playthings from childhood, such as “Gay Bob,” which sported a fabulously colorful wardrobe and whose packaging made him appear to burst from his closet. The duo also recall the more recent Jeff Stryker figurine and the popular Billy doll, both featuring realistic male genitalia, or as Matinga suggests “a mini-huge Jeff Stryker penis.” We’re also reminded of Barbie’s pal Magic Earring Ken, who not only showed off a single earring, but was clad in a purple mesh shirt with coordinating vest and sported a lengthy gold chain adorned with something that resembled an impressive cock ring.

Check out the video here.  

His HIV Status

Here’s another one that fascinates me because it’s shedding new light on what’s always been considered a taboo topic, it’s not something I thought we’d ever see, and I think it helps take the stigma away from HIV. And that stigma still lives on today, no matter how much we learn and how much we already know.

In short, the entire article covers a good deal of how guys should (or might) look at dating these days, with regard to HIV status.

5. When does his HIV status absolutely matter? When he isn’t dealing with it.
When you have the HIV chat with Mr. Very Soon and he admits his last HIV test was before the final season of True Blood, you may want to think twice. Our sexual health depends on our getting tested regularly and addressing the results.

Likewise, if he is HIV-positive but hasn’t sought treatment because he says he feels great or doesn’t believe in taking pills, we have a problem. There are amazing new treatments for HIV. If you do not take advantage of them you might as well be living in 1987. Ask anyone who made it out of that decade alive and they will tell you it was not pretty. Even someone who truly believes they are undetectable may not be at the moment, given normal fluctuations in viral load, drug regimen, and strength of his immune system.

There’s not much to argue with in this article, except for one thing. I think they assume that all the gay men reading this are having tons of sex…very often. The line about getting an HIV test before the final season of True Blood, to me, is odd because the final season wasn’t that long ago. In fact, when I was single I wasn’t hopping from bed to bed, man to man, enough to ever be tested with that kind of frequency. And I know who I was with, and what I did with them. HIV wasn’t the only STD I was concerned about. I’m not trying to play holier than thou. I’m just stating that we can’t choose being gay, but we can choose how to live our lives as gay men.

So if this article fails in one respect, I think it’s because they are ignoring the fact that the people who should be reading it probably aren’t going to know it even exists.

You can read the rest here.  

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