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MA State Rep. HIV+; Sally Field’s Gay Son; FREE Gay Excerpt Friday Sexual Transitioning

MA State Rep. HIV+

I think this is groundbreaking for several reasons. Massachusetts State Representative  Carl Sciortino recently disclosed he’s living with HIV, he resigned from office, and will soon be heading the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.

‘As a gay man living with HIV, I am honored to lead one of the country’s oldest and most effective organizations in the battle against this disease which has raged on over 30 years,’ Sciortino said in a statement.

He mentions a few of his plans, which includes lowering HIV diagnosis rates.

But I think one of the least discussed aspects of this announcement is that he actually disclosed his HIV status in public. There’s been a long standing unspoken rule within the gay community that anyone who is HIV positive is mentioned with whispers and rarely does anyone ever talk about it openly. I will do a much longer in-depth post on this in the future from experiences I’ve personally had.

You can read more here.

Sally Field’s Gay Son

Although Sally  and I are not related at all (smile), this is interesting because Tony and I recently watched a Barbra Streisand concert on PBS where Streisand’s openly gay son, Jason Gould, sang a song with her. Gould came out at the age of 21. According to this Gould was diagnosed as HIV+ in 2003. (He’s very good, and the PBS special was actually very good…and I think most people who come to this blog know I’m not normally a huge fan of the torch song thing.) I think when we see high profile celebrities speak openly about *anything* LGBT related it helps people who haven’t come out…or are thinking about coming out.

Sally Field, best known for her title role in the 1960’s television series The Flying Nun, has written about her experiences raising a gay son along two straight sons in a letter aimed at bolstering support for the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) efforts to stop state legislatures passing laws that legalize discrimination against LGBTI people.

You can read more here. Field has always been active with social and political issues, and usually does it with grace.

FREE Gay Excerpt Friday Sexual Transitioning

I posted about my upcoming short that will be released by German publisher, Bruno Gmunder, yesterday. It’s a short sequel to my erotic romance, Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys, and if I don’t post something about it now I might forget about it. Shorts tend to get lost in the proverbial shuffle sometimes…and they are actually my favorite forms of fiction, both reading and writing. The title is Sexual Transitioning. And it is subject to changes I might not be aware of because the publisher edits this one, not me. This is the raw version. A word of warning, though. If you haven’t read the novel, Fangsters, there might be a spoiler in this story. For those who have read Fangsters, I think this will only add to the original story line. 

The night Anton and Digger decided to turn Leo would haunt Anton throughout eternity. He hadn’t wanted to turn him that soon. He’d wanted to think about it and talk it over with Leo to see if he was ready to become a vampire. Of course Digger, always the bad boy careless one, shrugged and laughed it off. Digger acted on impulse and made all his decisions without taking consequences into consideration. He’d wanted to turn Leo much earlier and Anton had been the one who had refused.

            Anton hadn’t expected to fall in love with Digger and Leo at the same time. He knew Digger and Leo hadn’t expected they would fall in love with each other, and with him. The concept of three so completely different men loving each other this way could only be described as complicated at best under normal circumstances. But when two of the lovers were vampires it went beyond complicated and veered into pure unabashed confusion.

            The night they were on their way home from the nightclub where Leo had just won first prize for having the best ass in the gay bar changed their three-way relationship forever. If that truck hadn’t come from nowhere, or if Leo hadn’t walked into the middle of the street without looking, there would have been time to talk and plan and organize the future in a more coherent way. Leo would have had time to adjust to the idea being a vampire and maybe his transition wouldn’t have been so intense and violent.

            There were nights after the accident, after they’d turned Leo, where Anton and Digger would talk about what had happened and shake their heads. Digger remembered it differently than Anton. He didn’t remember the exact details. Maybe he hadn’t been paying attention, which Anton knew wouldn’t have been unusual. Digger didn’t even remember Leo in the middle of the street dying, with his leg severed, losing so much blood he could barely speak. But Anton would never forget that night, not a single detail. If he closed his eyes, he could still see Leo look up at him and say, “I love you guys. I think I’m dying, Anton. I don’t think I’m going to live.” Anton would never forget when Leo begged him and said, “Hold me tighter, Anton. Don’t let me go. I love you both so much. Hold me. I’m so scared. I can’t feel my leg anymore.” Nothing in Anton’s mortal or immortal life had ever left such an impact on him.

            Of course Digger didn’t remember it happening the same way. No matter how many times Anton would disabuse Digger’s convoluted recollections, Digger would reply the same way. He claimed there was no way Leo could have spoken those words or said those things with his leg severed that way. Digger would look at Anton and say, “I should know. It couldn’t have happened that way. I worked in the emergency room in a hospital when I took that summer off one year. I saw how humans deal with pain, and I know there’s no way Leo could have been that conscious in that condition and said those things. It’s just not realistic. No sane person would believe it.”

            Anton usually let Digger get away with a lot, but not this. He wouldn’t back down. “I don’t fucking care where you worked one summer, or what the fuck you did in an emergency room. I was there, man. I held Leo in my arms and I heard him speaking to me, begging me. He knew he was dying. He did say those things.”

            Digger wouldn’t agree, but he would back down and change the subject with a dismissive tone. Perhaps because he knew he couldn’t win, or perhaps because he knew Anton needed to rationalize his motives for turning Leo that night. And it’s not that Anton had any regrets about what he’d done at the moment. He’d agreed to turn Leo at that moment to keep him from dying and to save his leg and he’d been prepared to deal with the consequences. It’s just that Anton never in his wildest dreams thought the transition from human to vampire would be so intense.

            After they turned Leo right there in the middle of the street, they brought him back to Digger’s apartment in Newark. They figured he would be safe there. Anton had to deal with some family business for his dad the following night, but Digger could stay with Leo to make sure he didn’t get into trouble until Anton returned. Newly turned vampires often have different reactions. Some are calm and slide right into their new immortal lives without a hitch. Some can be moody and won’t speak for days. Others can be nasty and all they want is to make the first fresh kill and suck human blood. Anton once saw a newly turned vampire crawl into a hole in the ground and refuse to come out for months. He drank the blood of voles and moles. It was always different with each human turned, and no one could predict the outcome. In Leo’s case, Anton didn’t think there was much to be worried about because Leo had been such a sweet, tender, kind human.