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HIV Infections Down In San Francisco; Harlem Church Will Allegedly Burn "Rainbow Fag Flag"; Ian McKellen On Gay Men vs. Straight Men Masculinity

HIV Infections Down In San Francisco

Overall, this is a really encouraging article, partly because one of the reasons given for lowering HIV infections in SF is PrEP.

Significant progress has been made against beating HIV, and in one of the cities it hit the hardest, San Francisco.

The number of people newly infected with the virus has dropped by just over a third (34%) between 2013 and 2015, according to the most recent HIV Epidemiology Annual Report, published September 1. 

There are more statistics that get into race and age I found interesting. You can check it all out here.

Harlem Church Will Allegedly Burn “Rainbow Fag Flag”

Here’s more news from the world of organized religion, only this time they actually use the word “Fag” on a public sign. There’s a photo with the article.

 It seems that ATLAH World Missionary Church’s idea of celebrating is burning a rainbow pride flag.

Only the Harlem, on their public billboard this week, is calling it a ‘rainbow fag flag.’

Reverend James Manning announced the flag burning as a celebration of a development in an onging foreclosure case brought against the church by New York City for lack of payment of utility bills. 

You can check this one out here.

The foreclosed church property allegedly has over a million dollars in liens, and an LGBT group is hoping to purchase the church property at auction.

Ian McKellen On Gay Men vs. Straight Men Masculinity 

When I saw this trending on social media and I noticed how some gay men commented, I have to admit I didn’t quite understand why so many were upset about it. I actually think it’s harmless, and in many ways it’s insightful.

McKellen talks about how he’s still subjected to homophobia. I think we all are. Just look at the post above this one about the “Rainbow Fag Flag.”

But it really doesn’t bother him.

‘I think gay men are more masculine than straight men,’ he told ES Magazine.

‘Because, guess what? They love other men! So when bully boys say, “Faggot!” you say, “That’s right, I’m with the boys.’”

There’s more here.

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