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Hot Italian Footballer Fabio Ceravolo; Your Constitutional Right and Kinky BDSM; Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer and Rape Sentence

Hot Italian Footballer Fabio Ceravolo

There’s not much going on in gay news lately, so here’s a link to photos of Italian Footballer, Fabio Ceravolo.

The comments, of course, are entertaining and exactly as you would expect them to be.

Here’s the link. 

It’s SFW, too.

Your Constitutional Right and Kinky BDSM

This article is about how a judge ruled in a case involving BDSM.

A federal judge in Virginia has ruled that Americans do not have the constitutional right to engage in BDSM sex. In Judge T.S. Ellis’ decision in John Doe v. The Rector & Visitors of George Mason University, et al, he cited and dismissed previous Supreme Court rulings on sodomy laws and same-sex marriage and instead used a case about physician assisted suicide to bolster his ruling.

This is actually about a straight couple, and it gets far more complicated than I’m willing to get into regarding anything legal on this blog. You can check the rest out here. 

Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer and Rape

Gay adult film star, Mike Dozer, who goes by the stage name, Christopher Steele, pleaded guilty to rape charges and he received a 17.5 year  prison sentence. The victim was a 14 year old boy.

Dozer met the boy on the hookup app Jack’D three years ago and was believed to be aware of the boy’s age prior to hooking up with him. He was arrested in December 2013 on federal charges of statutory rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse and aggravated indecent assault.

Here’s the story, with a photo of Dozer

He also confessed that he exposed the victim to HIV without telling him ahead of time and there’s a separate trial for that going on

The comments…well…you can see what they’re like for yourselves. What bothers me most about the comments is that some idiot is wondering why a 14 year old is on an adult site, instead of worrying more about a full grown adult man raping, and then exposing a kid to HIV. As if there is any plausible excuse possible in the universe to make this horrible man look better.

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