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Refusing Gay Customers; Accused of Spreading HIV;

Refusing Gay Customers

A nightclub in Atlanta refused to allow a transgender woman inside…because they can.

Caught on film, Brooks’ friends ask the employee: ‘Our friend was discriminated against by your security… the problem was she is transgender and [the bouncer] denied her entry.’
The employee quickly interrupts: ‘What’s wrong with that?’

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As far as I know this is legal to do and discrimination is still alive and well in some places.

Accused of Spreading HIV

This is really scary when you think about it. A student at a university is being accused of spreading HIV by having sex and not informing his lovers of his HIV status.

One of Colaites alleged victims, an unnamed 18 year old, claims Colaites had unprotected sex with him without informing him of his HIV status. Another alleged victim, aged 19 years, has stated he was too drunk to consent. – See more at:

The accused faces a strict sentence if convicted. While it’s really low to have sex with someone and not disclose HIV status, I’ve never had unprotected sex and I’ve never been that drunk. I often think if  people were to apply the concept of defensive drinking rule to other aspects of life we’d see less of these things.

Attacks His Lesbian Sister

A man who thought his sister was shaming his Muslim religion tried to slam her with a crowbar.

The two woman were able to safely return to their car. Police claim Tuma struck the vehicle with the crowbar.
Although the two women drove away, Tuma and Marks followed in Marks’ pickup truck. They rammed the vehicle until the couple were able to escape and notify the police.

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Interesting how religion always seems to get in the way of what’s good and decent and right in the world.