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New HIV Treatment; Nick Tortorella Is Sexually Fluid; A Gay Trump Hater Changes His Mind

New HIV Treatment

This is big, HUGE news, especially for anyone taking HIV meds. From what I’ve been told personally by a well known ID doctor in Philadelphia, one of the biggest issues with HIV meds is getting people to take them daily.

Remarkable new research on treating HIV: scientists may be on the trail of a method to suppress the virus without having to take pills every single day.

For now, it’s highly preliminary. Thirteen people stopped taking their daily cocktails, and instead got an antibody called 3BNC117. That treatment was able to prevent HIV from reaching dangerous levels for over a month. In fact, some of the patients saw their viral loads stay low for two months.

Here’s the rest.

I just wish this were making more headlines instead of the political nonsense I’ve seen all day.

Nick Tortorella Is Sexually Fluid

I’m still trying to figure out what pansexual is, so don’t even ask me about sexually fluid.

Tortorella is currently dating a woman, but says he hasn’t shied away from his attractions towards men. “It’s just a fluidity,” he told Page Six. “We’re all kind of moving into this one situation.”

He’s also hip to the open relationship trend.

“I think that an open relationship or a polyamorous relationship or an understanding of sorts is acceptable in this day and age,” he told Cosmopolitan in January of this year. “Relationships and people are my hobby of sorts. I love exchanging energy with people and getting to know people and falling in and out of love.”

But he makes it clear he hates cheating.

I don’t even know what to say about this one, but I hope he’s having fun. He’s adorable 🙂

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A Gay Trump Hater Suddenly Changes His Mind

I promise I’m not getting political here. You all see enough of politics everywhere and you don’t need me doing it. But I think this is different, and it transcends all the political lines…not to mention common sense. It’s more like an observation.

I’ve been following people on social media for a while who have been vocal about their politics, and then recently and suddenly, in a drastic turn around, they’ve switched sides. I don’t get that. And I’ve seen this happen more than once.

In this case, a gay guy, Chris Barron, who allegedly once hated Donald Trump is now praising him and trashing Hillary Clinton in some kind of quasi heated exchange on TV with Corey Johnson. 

Later, Johnson dug up an old Tweet of Baron’s that called Trump a sociopath, and Barron replied: “Hillary Clinton is a bigger sociopath than Donald Trump will ever be.” As the awkward and rather convoluted debate went on, Barron closed by saying, “I know the left wants to scare gay people into not even thinking about voting for Donald Trump…If you want people to have equal rights and dignity, then talk about combating radical Islam.”

That’s odd. Seriously. I’ve never seen anything like this before in any election. Most of the people I know all over social media and in RL don’t switch sides that way. Their basic beliefs don’t just change overnight.

You can read the rest here. I think the comments are interesting with this one, too.


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