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Call For Gay Stories; Rose McGowan Is An Idiot; Jonah Hill Apologizes

Call For Gay Stories

There was an e-mail in my inbox tonight that I think a lot of people will find interesting and I figured I would share it right now while it’s fresh. There’s a new web site called “Who’s the Guy?” that revolves around gay coming out stories and a few other things that has an open call for submissions. It’s a simple web site to navigate and all you have to do is submit a story. The long range goal is to put together a full published work/anthology to inform people. There is also a “Happy Endings” page I thought was interesting. This is from the web site:

But Who’s The Guy? is a question many of us have been asked within the LGBT community. This question, among many others have kept me extremely satisfied with stories of how others may imagine our lifestyles and the ways we stumble to assemble a response to absurd questions and situations.

But Who’s The Guy? is a submission site for the coming out stories and our responses to questions we all have to share when asked about LGBT relationships and the community. Coming out can often be a daunting experience but there are also some comical situations and conversations along the way. We aim to find the humor in the awkward moments before, during and after coming out.

Ultimately, these stories will be chosen to be part of a published piece devoted to those needing a good outlet, connection and laugh.  But Who’s The Guy? would also like to donate to a worthy LGBT cause. By working together we can create a better world for everyone. Please feel free to take a moment to laugh at yourself and others by sharing your story and promoting the cause for change!

There’s more here that I think readers will find worthy of checking out. For anyone seeking publication I think this is one of those opportunities you might want to take advantage of. Every publishing credit counts and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Rose McGowan Is An Idiot

This is just odd.

I’ve posted about the corporation in the country of Brunei that owns The Beverly Hills Hotel several times. Brunei is a country that supports Sharia Law, which advocates stoning gays and treating them as criminals. They don’t treat women any better. Many celebrities, including Jay Leno and Richard Branson, have come out against them in support of global gay rights and they’ve organized a boycott on The Beverly Hills Hotel.

But not everyone is supporting the boycott. Russell Crowe doesn’t think it’s a good idea because it’s going to hurt the people who work at the hotel. And now actress Rose McGowan agrees with him and she’s allegedly organized a party to support NOT boycotting the hotel.

Her comments are rich. She doesn’t think boycotts work. I guess because she’s such an experienced activist? And she has so much knowledge on the topic of boycotts?

And you might want to hold onto your seat when you read this comment:

Her friend Amanda Goodwin, who helped plan the party, added: “A lot of people have asked me whether I’d go if it were Hitler. Probably. I think I would. I’d go, and I’d say, ‘I’m a Jew’.”

“I think it’s great that we’re here, being gay, sitting on his sofa. I really want to gay this place up.”

Gay the place up? Seriously?

They’re both idiots. Did they learn how to read? Did they go to school? If these two privileged idiots even knew a hint of history and what Hitler did to Jews and gays and a few others during WWII they would cringe at how stupid that comment actually sounds.

But more than that, I never thought I would live to see the day someone would be glib about Adolf Hitler.

I think it’s time to boycott Rose McGowan and anything associated with her.

There’s more here.

I hate to see anyone lose a job or suffer a loss of income. But I think that when it comes to things like this, and what happened with the Russian Olympics, a large statement needs to be made for the good of the majority. And the majority doesn’t work at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Jonah Hill Apologizes

Jonah Hill went on a vituperative rant recently and did an Alec Baldwin. Hill didn’t like it when he was being followed by press last weekend when one of the reporters commented about his short pants, probably goading him.

This is how Hill replied:

After a period of silence, where he was still being followed, the actor responded by saying: “Suck my dick, you faggot!”

That comment set off a firestorm and he’s now apologizing because he’s not really anti-gay and he didn’t mean a word of what he said.

“This is a heartbreaking situation for me,” an upset Hill said outright. “From the day I was born and publicly, I’ve been a gay rights activist.”

There’s more about his apology here.

Obviously, the word faggot is part of his vocabulary. And that makes me stop and wonder. But I think it’s part of the vocabulary of most straight men and that’s what needs to change. If I were Jonah Hill I would make that statement and focus on making that change…if I really were sorry.