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Another Reason Why I Find Fred Karger, Openly Gay and Running for President, Interesting

Although I hate to post about politics here on the blog, I do post about issues that are LGBT oriented and I think this one is significant. As far as I know, I’ve never seen an openly gay man or woman make a bid for the Presidency. And I’m fascinated by it.

I’ve posted about Fred Karger before, here. For those who still don’t know…and I know many people don’t about Fred Karger because the mainstream media only hands out the very basic information…he’s openly gay, he’s running for President, and he’s a Republican.

I follow him on social media and this is one of his recent comments on Facebook:

How proud I am to have supported Hillary Clinton for President 4 years ago, especially after her speech yesterday at the United Nations in Geneva. “Hillary Clinton calls on world not to discriminate against gays.”​nationworld/world/​la-fg-clinton-gay-rights-201112​07,0,4018429.story

He also added the above photo to the status update.

The reason I find this interesting is because you don’t normally hear a Republican endorsing a Democrat…for anything. I’m an independent voter. I like someone who is bipartisan.

The bickering due to old time political party nonsense in DC clearly isn’t working anymore. It’s been broken for some time now. People are looking for a change, and that change has a lot to do with a *leader* who is capable of being bipartisan and pulling this country together.