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Hillary For President; Darren Criss Loves Drag; Dan Savage, Again and Again and Again

Hillary For President

I’m never actually sure how to take articles like this. Do I take them seriously and praise the content? Or do I take them realistically and just smile without comment? But more important, do they really believe this and do they expect us to believe it, too?

In any event, the big surprise: Hillary Clinton is running for President. And this article, with good innocent intentions I’m sure, mentions six things Hillary has to do to gain votes.

Here’s number one:

1. Explain why she was so late to embrace marriage equality. Clinton didn’t get around to announcing her support for marriage equality until March 2013, just three months before the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision, six months after the Democratic party included it in its platform and ten months after President Obama announced his support for it. What took so long? Republican Sen. Rob Portman announced his support for gay marriage three days before. It’s kind of sad that Clinton was so tardy that she was upstaged by a Republican, and a conservative one at that.

The odds are none of these six things will be addressed, in this election or ever. Hillary Clinton is the consummate Washington politician and she knows better when it comes to these six things. But more than that, she knows we’ll vote for her no matter what because we’ll vote the same way we always vote…by the process of elimination. That’s why I’ll most likely vote for her. And frankly, I actually would like to see a woman President in my lifetime.

You can read the rest here. This is about as political as I will get in the upcoming election. It is what it is. I’ve always believed more happens behind the scenes than what any President can actually do to make changes. Think same sex marriage and SCOTUS. 

Darren Criss Loves Drag

Speaking of water is wet, Darren Criss loves drag. Yes, you heard that here. I hope you didn’t need your smelling salts. With the Hillary Clinton announcement and then this I’m not sure how much more excitement we can take.That worries me, too. Because once same sex marriage is recognized federally everywhere, and I do believe it will be, the LGBT presses are going to have to focus on more than just Darren Criss. At least I hope so anyway.

This is one of those multi-linked articles and Criss is only a small part of it. But they seem to think it’s important to make this distinction so I thought it must be post-worthy.

Darren Criss was asked by a reporter how he looks in drag for his upcoming stint in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. “Mama look good,” he replied, “She’s real pretty.”

The rest is here, with a video of Criss. He’s doing that trendy caveman thing with his beard. 

This is one of those times I really wish I liked Broadway more. I must be missing that part of the gay gene.

Dan Savage, Again and Again and Again

I’ve been avoiding posting about the right-wingers who are trying to stop a new TV series that is somehow related to Dan Savage. Partly because I don’t like it when right-wingers do this, and partly because I don’t like Dan Savage either. I’d rather not give it any more attention than it’s already getting. I’m sure good old Dan is a fine man in his own right, but I actually had to stop following him on social media because I disagreed with so many things he says…and the way he says them.

I think he’s a tool.

But he is in the news again…should we doubt this with the way he self-promotes…with something different. Savage “and his team have been curating Hump.” Hump is an indie film festival I’ve posted about before that shows amateur porn all over the country. I think they are shorts, but don’t quote me. I don’t know that much about it.

Get this:

This year, “Glory Hole,” a documentary about an elderly couple who met at a cruising spot and one of Savage’s favorite submissions, was an unexpected emotional hit when it was originally screened in Seattle and Portland about how lasting relationship can surface in even the most unlikely places.

Well, I can certainly understand THAT. Because there is nothing darker and seedier than one of these cruising spots. Not to mention the fact that you can catch anything from herpes to hepatitis there. And to find anything even remotely connected to love and romance at a glory hole is about as unique as it gets. You’re more likely to come home with crabs than your next husband.

You can read the rest here. I’m afraid I’m siding with many of the comments this time. Here’s one that is interesting. I really don’t know anything about Dan Savage in this respect.

Look at all the idiots in the comments using selective reading to completely ignore the r@cist, transphobic, misogynist crap this white gay has pulled for decades.