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Steve Grand Learning To Be Famous; Mormons Label Gay Couples; Hillary Clinton Defends DOMA, Again

Steve Grand Learing To Be Famous

I think I’ve posted before about how much I like and admire Steve Grand…for his talent and for all he’s managed to accomplish on his own in such a difficult industry. In this article he’s talking about how he’s had to learn how to handle fame…and even he admits his fame is very limited compared to other straight male performing artists.

‘It’s hard letting go and that’s been a big challenge for me. There are a lot of things out of your control when you have any amount of attention from the public and it’s taken me a long time to kind of get settled into that.

‘I’m not a huge celebrity but to whatever degree I’ve been a public figure, it’s taken some time. I’ve learned so much and I wouldn’t take it back – even the bad, unpleasant things that have happened.’

Grand was completely unknown when during the Fourth of July weekend in 2013, he posted the video for All-American Boy on YouTube. The story of a gay man falling for his straight friend quickly went viral and has been viewed more than 4.6 million times to date.

I think he’s managed to move forward very well with his brand and his music, because that’s not simple for any gay person to do alone…especially a good looking gay man who literally could be the boy next door. They usually expect something different. 

You can read the rest here. 

Mormons Label Gay Couples

The Mormon Church now has a label for same sex couples.


This, coming from a religion that practiced bigamy…and in some places on the fringe still believe in it from what I gather.

A new Mormon church policy considers church members in same-sex marriages as apostates whose children will be barred from baptism and church membership unless they disavow same-sex unions. 

The policy is outlined in a guide for lay leaders known as Handbook 1, parts of which were posted online by a popular Mormon podcaster who was excommunicated by the church earlier this year on grounds that his public dissents drove others away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon church’s official name.
I feel bad for the gay people who are Mormons. I’m not being glib about this…you all do know you don’t have to do that. 
Hillary Clinton Defends DOMA, Again
I really hate posting about these things, but Hillary Clinton and DOMA keep coming up in the news and it’s important to gay culture from a historical POV. It’s important to the entire LGBT+ community.
On Defense of Marriage, I think what my husband believed – and there was certainly evidence to support it – is that there was enough political momentum to amend the Constitution of the United States of America, and that there had to be some way to stop that,’ Clinton said last month.
I’ve already posted a link about what President Clinton said about same sex marriage back then…he didn’t believe in it and the link is easy to find. That’s all on record.

People do change. I know I do. However, the only thing that bothers me about all this is when the Clintons (and others) say they’ve “evolved.” Don’t tell LGBT+ people you’ve “evolved.” Apologize to us for not knowing better at the time. Admit you were wrong.