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Valley of the Dudes: Audio Rights Sold; Hillary Clinton and Pride Parades; USS Harvey Milk and Gay History

Valley of the Dudes: Audio Rights Sold

I just learned that the audio rights to Valley of the Dudes were licensed this week.

From my inbox:

We have good news which is that Insatiable (an audio book vendor) has licensed the audio rights for Valley of the Dudes.

Here’s a general link to Insatiable. When I get a link to the audio book for Valley of the Dudes, I’ll post it. It’s the first book since An Officer and His Gentleman to be offered in audio and I’m very excited about it. I think the market for audio books is growing. 

And below are details about Valley of the Dudes in e-book or in paperback.

Hillary Clinton and Pride Parades

Even though I hate to get political here on the blog, I promised I’d write an objective post about Secretary Clinton this week. So here’s one about the time she marched in a pride parade…with a list of other things she’s done for the LGBT community.

Verbatim, from a queer press…

Made a couple of Pride Parade firsts
Clinton became the first First Lady to march in a Pride Parade. This year she became the first major presidential candidate to march in a Pride Parade (sorry, Barack). Plus, she sure looked like she was having a blast doing it.

You can check that one out here. There are five other accomplishments that have benefited the LGBT community.

USS Harvey Milk

I find this possible news about Harvey Milk amazing. But just to be clear, Harvey Milk was not a gay icon. Harvey Milk is much more than an icon.  For one thing, he was the first openly gay man to be elected to office in the state of California during a time when few were doing anything this brave.

You can, and should, read more about him here. He was one of the most fascinating and respected men in gay history, and I think we need to show his legacy more respect than “icon.”  

Licked your very last Harvey Milk stamp while mailing out your gas bill? Not to worry. The gay icon and legendary San Francisco politician is about to have a Navy ship named after him, if reports are to be believed.

You can read more here. Milk was in the Navy during the Korean War and he came from a Navy family.  His nephew made a statement, too.

 Valley of the Dudes

Exploring the gay open relationship in…