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Johnny Weir Slammed; Boy Failed 4 Gay Porn: His Only Choice on Amazon

Johnny Weir Slammed

There has been a great deal written about Johnny Weir in the past year or so and I’ve posted a few things here. Now columnist Louis Verrecchio has weighed in on the topic with a few interesting comments I thought were newsworthy enough to share. And, what’s most interesting is that even though I don’t support Weir’s position and I think he should be more concerned about human rights than he is, I can’t by ANY means support what Verrecchio wrote about Weir this time. It’s not only homophobic, it’s a misguided slam, with an agenda, that could happen to any gay person anywhere.

In a fiery column on the Renew America website, Catholic News Agency columnist Louie Verrecchio slams Weir as “a flamboyant, cross-dressing, homosexual man” who was hired by NBC simply to “provide color commentary (presumably rainbow)” during the Winter Olympics.

The article devolves from there, claiming that kids shouldn’t watch the winter Olympics because of Weir and LGBTI influence, and even drops to an all time low by slamming figure skating as a sport.

As I said, I don’t fully understand Weir’s position, and I think we should all boycott the Olympics based on what’s happening to LGBTI people in Russia, but Louis Verrecchio is way out of line and if he thinks the LGBTI community won’t speak up in favor of Weir this time he’s very sadly mistaken.

You can read more here.

Boy Failed 4 Gay Porn

A high school boy in Florida allegedly was in a gay porn movie to make money to help support his family. When people found out, he was bullied by other boys in the school, but instead of suspending the bullies the school failed the boy who did the porn. The boy is eighteen years old, of legal age to do a porn movie, and pornography is not illegal in Florida.

 A large group of students reportedly skipped 7th period on Friday and gathered to stomp and shout his name in the school’s quad in protest.

A classmate posted a photo of the protest action to social media, writing ‘All these people be protesting and stomping and yelling [Noel’s real name] like there be an earthquake.’

If this were a case of protest about the fact that someone so young had to make a porn film of any kind for money, gay or straight, it would be a completely different story altogether. But it’s about a protest that was geared toward bullying a kid for making gay porn. Had he made straight porn I doubt he would have been bullied by the other kids. He might even have become the school star. And instead of the school failing him and keeping him from getting his diploma, maybe they should have been more proactive in finding out why this student had to go to those extremes to make money. I think the difference between eighteen and twenty-one years old is highly significant in cases like this, and I’m not a fan of eighteen year olds making porn films. Young adults having sex with each other isn’t the same thing. We’re talking about gay for pay and I wish someone had been around to talk to this kid instead of bullying him and failing him. I don’t like to see kids bullied, or exploited.

You can read more here.

His Only Choice on Amazon

Here’s an Amazon link for my newest release, His Only Choice, the third book in my Second Chance series. It’s also up on Smashwords, ARe, and other places where e-books are sold.

Here’s the blurb:

 In this third installment of the Second Chance series by Ryan Field, His Only Choice, Lance has to figure out a way to deal with the fact that his partner, Davis, of twenty years will be traveling extensively in Asia and leaving him alone for long stretches at a time. So Lance plunges into making important changes to the small brick and mortar bookshop he owns in New York’s Hudson River Valley to keep it competitive with the rising popularity in e-books. He’s also trying to deal with turning forty years old and it’s not working out well. In order to fill the lonely hours when he’s not working, Lance joins a gym and meets a very young personal trainer named Sergio who makes him feel so young and desirable again he starts lying about his age and telling Sergio he’s only thirty-five years old.

Like other books in the Second Chance series the story bounces from present to past a few times and the choice Lance has to make to get his second chance isn’t clear until the story is in full swing. But there are more than a few sexy gay surprises to keep m/m readers wondering what will happen next, which include whether Lance will ultimately choose his safe, quiet life with Davis. Or will he choose to go another round with dark, sexy Sergio with the weight lifter’s body and scruffy rough beard?