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Gay YouTube Star Crying Wolf In WeHo; Alexander Skarsgard Says Gay Sex Is Incredible; #HeterosexualPrideDay

Gay YouTube Star Crying Wolf In WeHo

This week we read the sad tale of an innocent young gay male…who is also a YouTube star…who was allegedly beaten in WeHo. At the time, it was an alleged hate crime. There was one gruesome photo of this guy’s bruised, battered face.

Then, it was reported that the information might not have been correct. They were investigating to see what the real story was.

And now, according to this article, the claims were a hoax. Allegedly, the YouTube star, Calum McSwiggan, wasn’t beaten and it wasn’t a hate crime. His injuries were self-inflicted. His friend even claims McSwiggan was crying wolf.

Not surprisingly, McSwiggan has taken to Facebook to write his own interminable take on the situation, in which he says he was “high from having an amazing time at VidCon” before things took a dark turn.

You can read his whole statement here at this link. It’s very long.

Alexander Skarsgard Says Gay Sex Is Incredible

Of course Skarsgard is promoting a new movie. In doing so, he claims that he’s kind of/sort of had incredible gay sex. On TV, that is.

If you’re a gay man, like me, it’s kind of hard to describe. There’s one quote where Skarsgard talks about his gay sex scenes in True Blood, and how he had to deal with another straight male actor who was doing the scene with him…who was nervous because he’d never kissed a guy before. Interesting, because I wouldn’t feel that way if I were going to kiss a woman in a sex scene.

This is what transpired…verbatim, according to Skarsgard.

 I just said, ‘Look at the scene. It’s this nemesis and he comes in and then it gets seductive and you think they’re gonna make love and it gets into that and then suddenly my character stabs him in the back and he explodes. In two minutes, look at this emotional rollercoaster we’re taking the audience on. If we commit to this, it’s going to be an amazing scene and we’re going to be very happy with it forever. If we hold back, that’s when it gets awkward.’

Then, in this article, Skarsgard tells other straight male actors who are playing gay to “just dive in.”

At least he didn’t say, “hold your nose.” 

I know you all loved True Blood. I loved it, too. I never missed an episode. But just imagine how it would sound if Skarsgard had made these comments about having a sex scene with someone from any other minority. And this happens time and again, whenever a straight male actor plays gay and there’s a kiss or even a hint of sex involved.

You can read more of this here.

#HeterosexualPrideDay on Twitter

When I saw this #HeterosexualPrideDay thing trending on Twitter yesterday morning I went right over to see what it was all about.

It all began when someone decided to mock Gay Pride by creating the hashtag #HeterosexualPrideDay. Pretty soon, straight men (and a few straight women) joined the chorus by tweeting about just how secure they are in their heterosexuality.

The sarcastic Tweets continued all day, and I tweeted several of my own. Here’s one:

10h10 hours ago

Friends of mine were together for fifty-six years, but were never able to legally marry. They died that way.

You can read more about this here. 


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