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Kellan Lutz, Hercules, Dongs; PinGay Marketing Comments

Kellan Lutz, Hercules, Dongs

Update: After I posted this I heard a few non-believers, and frankly I wasn’t so sure myself if the photo is real. However, someone sent me this next link, where there are more photos that seem to prove Kellan Lutz is all he’s cut out to be. It’s a Facebook link and I don’t think you can view it unless you’re a member.

This only goes to show how much a blogger can miss if he’s too busy focusing on publishing/political issues and not enough on more pop culture oriented material that people really want to read (and see). When author friend, Jon Michaelsen, sent me this link I couldn’t believe I’d missed it.

An image spreading like wildfire on Tumblr reveals why ‘The Legend of Hercules’ actor Kellan Lutz, is truly one of the hottest actors in Hollywood:

Of course this isn’t full frontal nudity, but it’s not that far off…not when you can see vivid dong outlines protruding through sheer fabric of tight work out pants, pushed forward in a way that suggests Kellan left the house knowing exactly what he was doing. Trust me, men worry about these things all the time and they take precautions to make sure these things don’t happen…unless they want them to happen.

In any event, you can view the vivid photos of Kellan’s extra large dong here. There’s also an update stating that one photo might have been enhanced, but no one is certain of this. It could be he just got a chub while he was walking.

In minor news it’s been rumored there were sixteen different fender benders in the same area on the same day big Kellan and little Kellan were spotted taking a stroll together. But don’t quote me on that.

PinGay’s Market Comments

Here’s a link that mentions a new gay social media site that’s evidently geared toward gay porn. It’s being touted as the pinterest of gay porn, hence the name PinGay. (Remember my post about taking an idea or concept and running with it.)

“The gay audience is very much more open about sex, sexuality and indeed porn, and in today’s world of digital social networking channels we wanted to be able to help people save, share and ultimately enjoy their free porn content garnered from the many sources available on the Internet,” Pingay Product Manager Giles Hirst told The Huffington Post.

Okay. This comment is right up there with the way Amish are misrepresented and politicians are often misquoted. I’m not going to go off on a social/political rant here because this is supposed to be fun, and not taken too seriously. However, it’s comments like this that give the wrong impression again. Clearly, the gay population isn’t nearly as large as the straight population. And I highly doubt the porn industry could survive if only gays watched porn, you know, because they are so “much more open” about it. Whether they are open about it or not, there a millions more watching porn who aren’t gay. I also don’t know any gay men who gather together and say, “Hey, man, guess what gay porn I watched last night, because I’m so open and honest about it?” Out of hundreds of gay men I know maybe one or two would say something like that and they aren’t very close friends. The fact is that most gay men, like most straight men, keep their porn private and they aren’t any more open about it than anyone in the straight community. So this guy is only saying that to market his web site and make people think gay men are all porn hounds.

But it’s not meant to be taken seriously and of all the issues facing gay men these days this is the least of them.

You can read more here. Frankly, I think the Kellan Lutz photo is much more erotic because it creates a little mystery. Not much, but you still have to use your imagination to a certain extent.